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The Elwynnese Calendar (Also known as Ab Nortone) is a "month per year" method for simulating the passage of years within the geofictional construct of Micras.

The Elw years differentiate in length on a 12-year cycle. The rotation of the planet fluctuates, through regularly. Each cycle is 52596 days long, one day longer than twelve years in the Gregorian calendar.

The only fixed celestial event on the calendar, that is to say, the same date for the same event every year, is Summer solstice (for the northern hemisphere, winter solstice for the southern). The first day of Elroqpin is that day.

For below, it is assumed to be for the northern hemisphere:

The autumn equinox varies between the following dates

  • 12 Muulantooq (336-day year)
  • 15 Muulantooq (348-day year)
  • 18 Muulantooq (360-day year)
  • 21 Muulantooq (372-day year)

Winter solstice varies:

  • 24 Kuspor (336-day year)
  • 18 Kuspor (348-day year)
  • 12 Kuspor (360-day year)
  • 6 Kuspor (372-day year)

Spring equinox:

  • 12 Fasmas (336-day year)
  • 9 Fasmas (348-day year)
  • 6 Fasmas (360-day year)
  • 3 Fasmas (372-day year)

The year begins, by tradition on the first of Silnuai, and ends in the 336-day year on the 24th of Rugaall, while all other years the year ends on the last day of the leap month Qinamu (which is the 12th in a 348-day year, the 24th in a 360-day year or the 36th in a 372-day year).

The most common length of a year is 372 days and that year always has a full Qinamu, 36 days and thereby is the longest month of the year, half as long as all others).

Silnuai - Kuspor - Gevraquun - Gevrader - Filadinu - Fasmas - Nomeziooqu - Laemill - Araroqpinu - Elroqpinu - Vixaslaa - Oskaltequ - Muulantooqu - Rugaall - Qinamu

Or the order from Midsummer: Elroqpinu - Vixaslaa - Oskaltequ - Muulantooqu - Rugaall - Qinamu - Silnuai - Kuspor - Gevraquun - Gevrader - Filadinu - Fasmas - Nomeziooqu.

The relationship between the Elw calendar and the ASC calendar is more straightforward than it seems.

1 ASC period equals two Elw weeks or 12 days.

By tradition, the Elw divide their year in eight seasons, not the "common" four. They have the mundane names (but in Elw) of being the glistening, blushing, rainy, frosty, snowy, melting, flowering and shining seasons. The exception is probably for summer, the shining and glistening seasons combined, which is commonly known as summer (or in Elw, roqpin).

A variant of the Elwynnese Calendar is used in Natopia.