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The Kaiser is the all-powerful ruler of Shireroth. His word is law, and above him there are none.

The Powers of the Kaiser

The powers granted the Kaiser are basically limitless. There are a few minor things that he cannot do, but it is fairly easy for him to get around these limits. The Kaiser receives his powers (or rather, his restrictions) from [[the Imperial Charter]]. It describes the Kaiser as being the end-all be-all in every facet of the government: legislative, judicial, executive, military. The sole caveat is that he may not violate the Charter. The Kaiser also possesses the ability to call and dismiss the Landsraad at will, but not to interfere with voting procedures.

A Problem with the Charter

The interesting thing is that the only person who can even touch the Charter is the Kaiser. This means that he can theoretically edit the biggest check on his power at will. The general precedent has been to only edit the Charter when absolutely necessary by writing a completely new Charter, Kaiser Los II being the only notable Kaiser to stray from this pattern who edited it a line at a time. However, there have been some critics who suggest that nobody should be able to edit the Charter, and some who have suggested that the Landsraad should be able to. To this day, though, only the Kaiser may create the Charter.


The most prestigious position in Shireroth is being Kaiser. It affords absolute power. Consequently, when the time comes, many people vie for the opportunity to take the position. Heirs must not be dual citizens, and they must be full citizens, not just minors. It should be somebody who's dedication to Shireroth is clear and unquestionable. They must be at least thirteen years of age (otherwise, the Steward rules in their place until they reach the proper age). Kaisers may be either male or female. Upon taking the throne, new Kaisers choose royal names. These names can be of either Shirerothian mythological figures (usually from Cedrism) or of some other interest of the Kaiser.

Past Kaisers

Many citizens have had the honour of being Kaiser. They are listed below:

And also, these are the royal names of the Kaisers, with the dates of their reigns (in ASC) and the line from which they descend:

According to the Fictional History, there are more (see [[List of Kaisers]]). The above are the Kaisers from the true history of Shireroth.

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