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Shireroth's diverse society is home to many multicultural faiths, from the Soloralism of Jasonia to the gods of Halluci to the austere religion of the Hyperboreans and the dread god Zurvan, worshipped by fanatical Babkhi in the lower reaches of the White and Blue Elwynn. But for most of Shireroth's history, the official state religion sanctioned by the Kaisers was Cedrism, which developed years ago out of a childish love for explosions and fruits and has since evolved a staggering pantheon of gods all the way from Mors, God of Death, to Hypotomoose, God of Miscalculations. The Cedrist Temple, located in Mirioth, is presided over by a High Priest (currently, Greg Russell) who has the final say in all of Shireroth's religious affairs.

In the eastern parts of the Empire (Kildare) the divergent sect known as Catologism was the most practised religion, replacing the old Soloralist faith. Many consider the introduction of this heresy to have been the precursor memetic inoculation that facilitated the Jingdaoese subversion and takeover of Kildare. This anxiety, that foreign faiths serve foreign powers, was a key driver in the Cedrist revival of the 17th Century (7th Millennium, ASC).


Divine Census
Dæmonic Census

Cedrist Myth And Stories

The End Times
The Tale of B'Caw

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The Transcendi
The Gods
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Brrapa Lu Eraro

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Dæmon Fish of Balgurd
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The Realms

The Mortal Realm
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The Planes

The Plane of Chaos
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The Plane of Balance


Transcendence and the Path of Transcendence
Descendence and the Path of Descendence

Diversionary Sects

Other Religions