Kaiser Letifer II

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Progenitor: Nicholas I

Kaiser Letifer II was the name chosen by Erik Mortis upon assuming the Imperial Throne of Shireroth after the abdication of Semisa I.

Letifer was inactive for the beginning of his reign, falling prey to illness and apathy. However, upon his triumphant return, he presented a new charter, one that he wished to be "the last Charter of Shireroth." It expanded the powers of the Praetor as well as restructured a few fundamental aspects of the document.

Letifer also worked on the Decreebook during his reign, cleaning up discrepancies and removing excess baggage.

However, after this short flurry of activity, Letifer fell victim to illness again and his activity dropped to a bare minimum. The rest of the nation followed his lead, leaving Shireroth stagnant. The efforts of a few citizens (and one non-citizen, Osmose), revitalized the nation, though Letifer was not happy with how they'd gone about it.

Letifer reprimanded all the Anti-Kaisers who had taken part in the rising rebellion against his inactivity. Shortly after, he abdicated the throne to Greg Russell, who took the name Alejian II. Shortly after, Erik emmigrated from Shireroth.

Imperial Decrees Made By This Kaiser:Imperial Decree 219,Imperial Decree 220,Imperial Decree 222,Imperial Decree 223,Imperial Decree 224.
Steward's Decrees Made under This Kaiser:Imperial Decree 221
Preceded by:
Semisa I
Succession of the Shirithian Kaisership
Succeeded by:
Alejian II