Kaiser Letifer I

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Nicholas I - Loki I - Nicholas II
Nicholas III - Ikol I
Steward Stjepan I - Letifer I
Steward Nikkolo I - Wylþeow I
Letifer II - Alejian I
Letifer III - Loki II - Loki III
Erasmas I - Anandja I
Loki IV - Yardistanislaus I
Kaiser Raynor XII

Progenitor: Nicholas I

Imperial Decrees Made By This Kaiser: Imperial Decree 42,Imperial Decree 43,Imperial Decree 44.

Ballad to the Kaiser

During the coronation ceremony Sagart mac Seaiscant wrote a ballad in honour of Letifer:

On the fiery isles of Yardistan
Came the sound of arms in the north
And Kaiser H'Graa, the heir of Mors
With his band of men went forth

On the rolling hills of Shirekeep
Sat Mog upon the throne
Who Letifer, with his heart afire
Went forth to fight alone

He said "You cost us Amity!
The Holy Land of old!
You allied yourselves with the the thieving elves
And our ancient homes were sold!"

Then he took the Sword of Vengeance
Which was stuck within the stone
There forever to stand unless touched by the hand
Of the rightful heir alone

And he looked at his needy people
And he looked at Kaiser Mog
And he struck him down with his terrible sword
Like the fiery wrath of Gahg!

Thus H'Graa was chosen as Kaiser
In Shireroth's hour of need
May he keep to the Path, lest the gods in their wrath
Lift up another to lead!

Preceded by:
Mog I
Succession of the Shirithian Kaisership
Succeeded by:

LetI.gif Emblem of Letifer I