Amund Einhornsson

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Amund Einhornsson (born 1565, died 1610) was a Norse and Elwynnese politician and military officer. Born in Konungsheim to Tarjei Einhornsson and Ingrid Olavsdatter, he joined the Norse armed forces in 1582. In 1585 he was commissioned an officer. When Normark joined the Elwynnese Union in 1592, he was transferred to Eliria where he worked on the integration of the Norse forces with the Union Defence Forces, where he stayed until 1598. In 1595 he was elected to the Eliria city council for the Humanist Party.

Upon Normark's independence in 1598, Amund Einhornsson moved back to Normark to oversee the transition of the military forces to independent command. However, as his father died later the same year under mysterious circumstances, Amund was appointed Grand Marshall of Normark. He held this role until the disintegration of Normark a few years later.

He died a broken man in 1610, in the ruins of Konungsheim. He was survived by his sister, Sigrid, and three brothers, Thorgils, Waldemar and Hans.