Cashmaiel Andelarion

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Imperial House of Ayreon-Kalirion
Arms Ayreon-Kalirion10.png

Kaiser: Ayreon I - Anandja I - Anandja II -
Ayreon II - Isa IV - Ayreon III -
Hjalmar Redquill - Noor - Ayreon IV
Shahanshah: Rashid Arsalani
Emperor of the Natopians: Nathaniel
Rulers of Elwynn: Richard Lyon - Rai Avon-El - Daniel
Elijah - Nathaniel - Daniyal Simrani
Jonathan - Hallbjörn Haraldsson - Noah - Vilhjalm

Progenitors: Tuuler Kalir and Eskender Arsalani

Head: Ayreon IV

Cashmaiel Andelarion (Babkhi: Kashmal Andilaryûn), born Eskender Kashmal Arsalani-Kalirion in 1472 in Shahzamin, and died in 1550 in the wilderness of Hurmu, was a Babkhan-born Hurmu political leader and nobleman who was Chairman of the Senate of the Lakes from cirka 1530 until his resignation in 1550, weeks before his death. When he moved to Hurmu in 1490, he took on his mother's tribe's name. His parents were Rashid Arsalani (later Kaiser Ayreon) and Ylva Karjanzdottar Andelarion, and he had three siblings, the brothers Rashid Karyandzadeh and Daniel Kalirion and a sister Nour who died four years old.

He married in 1500 to Gunhild Butardottar (1478-1540)