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The Coat of Arms of the Kingly City of Eliria
The mists of Mo'lluk cover the Kingly City of Eliria.

Eliria, also known as the Kingly City of Eliria, is the largest city and capital of Elwynn. It was known as Eliriashahr under the rule of Ardashir. It houses Eliria Castle which has the monument Ode to Multiculturalism on the square in front of it. The city lies on the White Elwynn, the eastern river of the sacred River Elwynn.


Eliria was founded by the legendary Elfinshi Lady Tlygowa the Lyrist. The city grew around the stronghold which is known as Eliria Castle which was built by the Lady Tlygowa in times ancient beyond the memory of woman to oversee a strategically important part of the River Elwynn. Both the castle and the city that grew around it derive their names from Tlygowa's magical lyre, the word "Eliria" being derived from the Elw placename enu elirion, "place of lyres".

During the reign of Leto III, Eliria became (for a moment) the new capital of the Imperial Republic of Shireroth. The decision was revoked quickly after it was made because of a lot of protest from the nobility.