Republican Guard (Elwynn)

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The Republican Guard (Elwynn) was the former state security force raised in the Republic of Elwynn. It replaced the Union Defence Force in 1653, following the Auspicious Occasion of 1651. It performs territorial defence duties on behalf of the Elwynnese government in addition to specialist duties, usually pertaining to internal security, contracted to it by the Imperial Government in Shirekeep.

During the War of Lost Brothers it formed a force of 48 corps in 16 armies, however its effectiveness was limited by shortages of equipment and the green status of its new recruits. It was expected, at the outset of the war, that many of the corps and army formations would remain nominal and that the brigades and regiments comprise therein would be utilised as detachments to replace losses incurred by operational Imperial formations.

Demobilisation after the war left the Republican Guard heavily retrenched to a skeleton force. This small, lightly armed, force was further disrupted by the uprisings of the [Southern League]] and its Northern League counterpart against the Republican government in Eliria. Menaced still further by the prospect of Imperial intervention, the Republican Guard fractured. The 3rd Army Group in Agnesia, wracked by dissension between Ayreonist and Nationalist officers, was shattered by a surprise attack launched by fighters loyal to the Holy Church of the Divine Icebear. In one humiliating incident, 30,000+ guardsmen of the 8th Army, tasked with defending the crucial harbour city of Vijayanagara were routed by a mere 4,000 followers of the Ice Bear, allowing the rebel faction under Eki Verion to the entire length of the Agnesian coast.

Following its dismal performance in the Elwynnese Civil War the Republican Guard was disbanded under the White Elwynn Accords of 11.XIV.1661. It's function of territorial defence was taken over by the Northern Banner Group of the Imperial Forces whilst internal security responsibilities were shared between the Public Order Troops of the Commissioners of the Peace and the Corps of the Gentlemen-at-Cudgels.


  • Överbefälhavaren
    • Academy of Warfare
      • Försvarshögskolan / Defence College
    • 4th Army Group
      • 11th Army
      • 12th Army
      • 13th Army
    • 5th Army Group
      • 14th Army
      • 15th Army
      • 16th Army
    • 6th Army Group
      • 17th Army
      • 18th Army
      • 19th Army
    • 7th Army Group
      • 20th Army
      • 21st Army
      • 22nd Army
    • Eliria Reserve
      • 23rd Army
      • 24th Army
    • Air and Maritime Support Group