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The Elwkustbevakningen or Elwynnese Coast Guard is a paramilitary agency within the Union Fleet Maritime Corps of the Union Defence Force whose primary duties are to conduct maritime surveillance and other control and inspection tasks along Elwynn's expansive coastline, which encompasses a significant portion of the eastern, northern and western portions of the Benacian continent. In addition the Elwkustbevakning is also responsible for the conduct of search and rescue operations at sea, utilising lifeboats, hovercraft and rotorcraft.

The operations of the Elwkustbevakning are in part funded by the claiming of salvage rights over abandoned and or stricken vessels which have required a crew rescue mission. A third of the salvage value is ceded to the King of Elwynn, on account of his declaration of right (Bergregal) over all resources found within the Elwynnese domain, whilst the remainder is returned to the service with half going to rescue crew as prize money and the remainder into the maintenance and equipment budget of the unit in which they served.