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Logo of the Panopticon Agency

The Panopticon is a Babkhano-Elwynnese technological system designed to capture and process information in an improved manner that greatly enhances the battlefield commander's situational awareness, removes ambiguity - the notorious fog of war - and reduces the time taken for each step in the decision making cycle.

The name of the Panopticon derives from the principles explored by Babkhan penal reformers whereby a small group of prison guards would be able to watch all prisoners in the circular prison.

Sensor Suite

Each Panopticon Suite comprises a 'Targeted Surveillance Autonomous Radar System' that enables ground surveillance to develop an understanding of the enemy situation and to support attack operations and targeting that contributes to the delay, disruption and destruction of enemy forces.

The primary system is the dual-mode ES-27 Synthetic Aperture / Moving Target Indication (SAR/MTI) radar, known as 'Froyalan', which feeds, via secure fibre optic cables, into the optic nerve of the central processing unit.

Panopticon information captures are also exportable, via secure ES-26 VERITAS telex-relays, to command and control (C&C) and Electronic Warfare (EW) vehicles such as the Red Queen and Jackalope of Red Bear LLC and the ESB Horjin, providing up to the minute battlefield data for Imperial commanders and security experts..

Elwynnese information poster celebrating the introduction of the first Panopticon system on the Horus Blimp.

The IRS Medusa and Elwynn Class Corvette were selected as a test bed for bio-mechanical integration, with integration into selected platforms was in progress during the 1650s:
1652: IRS Medusa;
1654: Elwynn Class Corvettes;
1655: Duchy Class Destroyers.