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The Gaelen Technologies Corporation was an founded by Steward Daniyal Sikander Dravot with funding from the ESB-Jörmungandr Group and the Tarjeisson Trust in the year 1644 AN. The Corporation is based in Shirekeep and has a core manufacturing focus on military and commercial electronics.

Product range and developments

  • ES-1: Synthetic aperture radar
  • ES-2: magnetic anomaly detector
  • ES-3: High-speed Anti-Radiation Missile (HARM) targeting system
  • ES-4: HF radio communication system
  • ES-5: UHF radio communication system
  • ES-6: VHF/UHF/SATCOM radio communication system
  • ES-7: radio direction finder
  • ES-8: Airborne Sonar system
  • ES-9: Transponder System
  • ES-10: Combined Interrogator & Transponder System
  • ES-11: fire control radar
  • ES-12: hyperbolic radio navigation system
  • ES-13: Radar Warning Receiver
  • ES-14: Suite of Integrated RF Countermeasures
  • ES-15: aircraft infrared jammer
  • ES-16: low band jammer
  • ES-17: pulse-doppler missile warning system
  • ES-18: countermeasures chaff dispenser
  • ES-19: aircraft missile-launch detector
  • ES-20: sensor/laser designator
  • ES-21: Panopticon Suite
  • ES-22: Electro-Optical Projectile Disruption system
  • ES-23: Early Warning Laser System
  • ES-24: Chaff Jamming Countermeasure System
  • ES-25: Anti-Mine Degaussing System
  • ES-26: VERITAS encrypted telex system
  • ES-27: Froyalan Synthetic Aperture / Moving Target Indication (SAR/MTI) radar
  • ESM-28 "Coraniaid": Remote sensor and counter-biological device.
  • ES-29: Active Phased Array Radar
  • ES-30: Towed Sonar Array
  • ES-31: Straylight hull-mounted sonar suite