Duchy Class Destroyer

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Duchy Class Destroyer

Duchy Class Destroyer.png
Builders: Barentz Iron Works
ESB-Jörmungandr Group Boat Yards of Teldrin
Operators: Imperial Shirerithian Navy
Cost: 31.6bn Erb
Date in Service: 1617 AN
Building: 0
Planned: 0
Commissioned: 11

Type: Stealth ("low visibility") Destroyer
Displacement: 14,798 tons
Length: 180 m
Beam: 24.6 m
Draft: 8.4 m
Propulsion: x4 35.4 MW ea gas turbines driving x1 electric generator & x2 propellers driven by electric motors (189,888.73 shaft-horsepower)
Speed: In excess of 56 km/h
Complement: 120
Sensors and Processing Systems:

Panopticon Suite

  • Dokhtar-e Ahriman central processing unit
  • Froyalan dual-mode Synthetic Aperture / Moving Target Indication (SAR/MTI) radar
  • VERITAS encrypted telex-relay system

Straylight hull-mounted sonar suite

Armament: Offensive: