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Map northshire.png
Nation: Imperial Republic of Shireroth
City: Shirekeep
Predominant language: English, Præta Sxiröþes

Main roads:
Major ethnicities:

Northshire is the name given to the area to the northern part of Shirekeep, and was a separate village for some time until it merged with the capital around the Alexandrian Age.

The Duchy of Elwynn was intially known as the Duchy of Northshire, deriving its name from a fortified pale (area enclosed by a palisade) around Shirekeep, which is not to be confused with the aforementioned village.

Legend says that the village was founded by Raynor II as a work camp for laborers constructing his greatest project, the gigantic catapult that would fling him into Heaven and make him a god.

Northshire was once the capital of the region currently known as Elwynn, but was replaced by Eliria once the Kaiser's forces pushed beyond the Elwynn's North Fork.

Quarters and districts of Shirekeep

City Centre: Audente Quarter - Boreal Quarter - Commercial District - The Hub - Landsraad District - Metzlershire - Northshire - The Old City - Raynor's Keep - The Rim - Soloralist Quarter - Treesian Quarter - Yardistani Quarter - Outskirts: Caeol’s Village - Docklands - Foreign Quarters - Halluci Shire - Little Holwinn - Loki’s Line - Timothy’s Cliff - Westshire