Miracle of Life

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The Catologian Faith
Sun Symbol of the Catalogian Faith.

Three Pillars
Council of Gods - Heavenly Mandate -

Wheel of Life

Tetrarch Gods
Cato - Germania -

Lumina - Sakat

Lesser Gods
Baishens - Hieronymus - Sisera

Minor Elevated Creatures
Malarbor - Demons - Ghosts -

Mikrons - Saints

Miracle of Life - Chaos War -

Mikron War

Catologian Church - Temples -

Sisters of Ryvenna - Disciples of Sakat -

Sun Children of Lumina

The Miracle of Life, often referred to as Source of Life, is the source of the creation of the universe. Scholars can't agree if this Source is intelligent or not. All things that were created keep a certain connection with the Source, which grants them life and existence. Even the death are still linked to the Source, as they live on in the Afterlife and thoughts of people.

The First Gods

Six of the eight First Gods are- as far as we know - the only creatures of which is known that they were totally cut off from the Source. The Baishen Haruk succeeded in doing so, which not only resulted in the death of those six First Gods, but also their disappearance from the mind of both gods and humans.


Some people are able to use magic (Gralans are most famous for this). In Kildare the Magical Knights operate by using both modern weaponry as their magical powers. Other cases of 'magic' are also known. In the eyes of Catologians, those people have successfully strengthened the use of the Source and found a way to 'broaden' their stream from the Source, granting them certain extra powers.


Cato is known to be able to - temporarily - broaden the stream to the Source of other people or deities. This made it possible for the Tetrarchy to find enough power to lock up Haruk and other Baishens. It also enables Him to help humans ascend to become deities.