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Current Events (1662/1663 AN)

  1. In the aftermath of the Elwynnese Civil War, and in the midst of the ongoing Humanist Reaction, the passage of the proposed amendment to Chapter IV of the Elwynnese Constitution marks the effective restoration of the Coordinated State in the Elwynnese Republic.
  2. The efforts of the Steward, the Count-Palatine of Kezan, to purge the Imperial Forces of N&H sympathisers, continues with a new concentration camp being established on Raikoth to house purged officers. The action sparks individual acts of resistance and a wave of desertion amongst the officer corps of the Imperial Army and Palatini Corps.
  3. The announcement of a new "Grand Census" marks an opportunity to take stock of the changes which have swept Shireroth since the Benacian Reconquest. Many hope to see it mark the beginning of a new era of domestic reconstruction without the distractions of rebellions or overseas wars.
  4. In the aftermath of the overthrow of Malarboria, the State of Modan consolidates its still fragile hold over southern Benacia, merging the Imperial Dominion of Jadid Khaz Modan along with the Protectorate of Lywall into its territory, and establishing a new political order in conformance with N&H and Khanist ideology.
  5. Liv Dravot-Osman is ousted from the Chairmanship of the ESB Group following a shareholder revolt over her handling of the events which saw an unsuccessful attempt by the Imperial Government to confiscate the assets of the multinational corporation.

States & Government

Modan Flag 1662.png
State of Modan
The Kaiser
Northern Realm
Kingdom of Goldshire
CivilFlag CPK.png
County Palatine of Kezan
Brookshire flag.png
Imperial Duchy of Brookshire
Coa Shirekeep.png
Shirekeep (Imperial County)

Featured Article

Defecting UDF troops and armoured vehicles outside the Krull Opera House

The Auspicious Occasion (24.XI.1651 – 14.XII.1651 AN) saw the expulsion of the House of Ettlingar Freyu and the Church of the Froyalanish Ancient Ways from Elwynn. The double coup in Shirekeep and Eliria, instigated by the Imperial Advisory Council, brought to an abrupt end the Froyalanish hegemony over the Imperial Republic that had begun with the abdication of Prince Jonathan Ayreon-Kalirion in 1623 and the River War of 1635.

In some quarters the Auspicious Occasion has been said to have "ultimately yielded a result so cataclysmic in scope that populations along most of the Benacian theological spectrum had found difficulty ascribing it to anything other than divine intercession"[1]. There are those who would suggest it something even rarer than divine intervention, albeit no less miraculous, that is to say a plan hastily conceived and executed that unfolded almost exactly as intended. The success of the coup, compared with Imperial operations before and after this date, can perhaps largely be ascribed to the fact that no-one outside of the ideologically committed cadres of the Vanic Temple Guard was really willing to fight, still less to die, in defence of Noah's abiding love of pomp and pageantry.

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