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Current Events (February 2017)

Kaiseress Noor

Kaiseress Noor has secured her rightful place on the Golden Mango Throne following the events of the Oustfest Massacre. Her Loyalist forces, supported by the Landsraad, claimed victory over Kaiser Mors VII following a succession crisis known as the Year of the Four Kaisers. The Kaiseress' claim to the throne was confirmed by Landsraad vote, putting an end to the crisis, while also sparking rebellion in Mors VII's home of Voltrue.

As Shireroth and the world settles from the crisis, a funeral service for Kaiser Dominus, whose death set into motion the succession crisis, is being planned for his recently recovered remains to be interred in the Valley of Mors with heads of state from across Micras planning to attend out of respect for the late kaiser and pay tribute to the eternal glory of the Imperial Republic.

States & Government

Kingdom of Lichbrook
The Kaiser
Elwynnese Union
Warring States of Goldshire

Featured Article

The Coat of Arms of the Landsraad

The Prætor is the presiding officer of the Landsraad and is elected by the aforesaid Federal Legislature. Zie presides over the Landsraad in all matters. The Prætorship of the Landsraad is one of the Great Offices of State of the Imperial Republic of Shireroth. Aside from the occasional Kaiseral election by the Landsraad, it is the only elected position in the Imperial Government.

The office of Prætor is almost as old as the Landsraad itself. Prior to the Prætor, the members of the Landsraad moderated themselves, but as the Landsraad grew in size and importance, it became apparent that some form of mediation was necessary. Erik Mortis created the name "Prætor". The letter ash (æ) ought to be used if possible as the proper spelling is not "Praetor" (though it is generally accepted). Nicholas Raglan, a Yardistani, is known as first 'speaker' (an ancient, but nowadays obsolete, term to refer to the Prætor).

The Prætor has a wide variety of duties, functions and powers which are derived from tradition and custom, the Charter, the Procedures of the Landsraad, and several other legal documents.

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