Procedures of the Landsraad

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Procedures of the Landsraad

Section 1. Membership.

The membership of the Landsraad consists of all citizens of Shireroth except the Kaiser and the Ruling Steward.

Section 2. Presiding officer.

When the Landsraad has tasked itself with electing a (new) Prætor, it shall be presided over by the previous or current Prætor, the Kaiser, or the Ruling Steward. In all other business, the Prætor shall preside over the Landsraad and perform the tasks afforded zir..

Section 3. Elections.

In any election with more than one candidate, the candidate receiving a plurality of votes. In confirmation elections (that it to say when there is only one candidate), the candidate must enjoy the favour of the Landsraad, in the form of a plurality of AYE votes, in order to be confirmed.

Section 4. Acts of the Landsraad.

Laws passed by the Landsraad are known as Acts of Landsraad. Bills must be codified so as to amend the Imperial Code of Law. No two or more rival bills may all be considered by the Landsraad at the same time.

Section 5. Voting.

(a) The Prætor shall open voting on any bill or resolution placed before the Landsraad no sooner than twenty-four hours after its original posting.
(b) If a bill or resolution is amended prior to a vote, the vote may be opened no sooner than twenty-four hours after the amendment is made. Each successive amendment shall extend the voting moratorium accordingly.
(c) Debate can continue during a vote, but no amendments may be made.
(d) The only acceptable votes are ones in favour (AYE/YEA/etc.), ones against (NAY/etc.), and ones abstaining (PRESENT/etc.)
(e) Voting shall last for no less than three days, and no more than seven days.
(f) The vote may be closed at the discretion of the Prætor.

Section 6. Treaties.

All treaties ratified by the Landsraad shall be recorded in its journals by the Prætor. The Prætor attests to the ratification.

Section 7. Resolutions.

Resolutions adopted by the Landsraad shall be recorded in its journals by the Prætor. The Prætor attests to the adoption and represents the Landsraad before other bodies.

Section 8. By-laws and Interpretation.

(a) The Prætor makes by-laws under these Procedures when a matter is unclear.
(b) The Prætor interprets the Procedures.

Section 9. Amendments.

Amendments to these Procedures are made by simple majority.

Section 10. Decorum.

All Members of the Landsraad shall be required to maintain appropriate decorum at all times, and may be suspended or expelled for failing to do so.

Amendment History

Between September the 6th 2010 (4049 ASC) and February the 6th 2013 (4933 ASC) the Procedures of the Landsraad have not been updated on this wikipage. The presented version of the Procedures of the Landsraad is based on the Procedures of the Landsraad that have been published on the forum of the Landsraad on April the 3rd 2012 (4624 ASC) with an amendment that was declared passed on October 20th 2012 (4824 ASC) which calls for decorum in the Landsraad and an amendment that was declared passed on January the 30th 2013 (4926 ASC) which introduces a mandatory 24 hours for debate. The development of the Procedures of the Landsraad before September 2010 should be investigated by a historian.

Landsraad Procedures Expansion Bill

  • Changed B & D to allow for the Big Fat Vote Thread.

Landsraad Restructure 3763

  • Totally changed
  • 10 Votes per Duke system brought back
  • Emissaries added

Procedural Amendment Bill 3757

  • Changed 5. Speech to allow for Emissaries

Landsraad Procedure Amendment 3884

  • Changed A to address implementation of House system on membership
  • Changes B to give votes to Patricians, and speach to Equestian rank nobles.

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