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Flag Voltrue.jpeg


Feudal Status: Kingdom
Capital: Kingsrise
Largest Cities: Kingsrise

Local Leadership Title: King
Local Government: Monarchy
Current leader: Theodosius Myksos

Local language: Vervollken
Local Religion: Cedrist

Voltrue, officially the Kingdom of Voltrue, is a small kingdom located on the southwestern coast of Benacia. It is currently one of the three constituent nations that comprise the Confederacy of Puritanian States, a loose alliance that arose from the ashes of Batavia and is now recognized as an Imperial Dominion of Shireroth.




Voltrue was founded by expatriate Vervollken fleeing the ruins of Kildare during the Siseran Crusades that effectively wiped out all Kildari civilizations. The people of Vervollkommnung, already a hardy race, sought refuge elsewhere and migrated across two continents and an ocean to eventually land on Benacia. Once there they sought the last remaining unclaimed lands to establish a new nation. This was among the ruins of Batavia, which had long been simmering as a hot-spot of Siseran activity. Allying themselves with two other fledgling states - Puritania and Dietsland - they formed an alliance known as the Confederacy of Puritanian States. Struggling to fend off the Siseran fanatics the confederacy aligned itself with Shireroth, eventually signing a treaty whereby the confederacy became an Imperial Dominion. The Shirerithians in turn began providing military and humanitarian aid in the ongoing battle to wipe out the last of the Siserans and their automaton armies.

In 1645.6398 AN.ASC after the High King of Voltrue refused to hand over wanted fugitives associated with the Year of the Four Kaisers, Kaiseress Noor declared Voltrue to be in rebellion and ordered the Imperial Forces to crush the Myksos dynasty.


Voltrue is a monarchy ruled by a King. The current monarch is Theodosius Myksos and a direct descendant of the Count of Vervollkommnung.