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[[Image:{{{coat of arms}}}|100px]]

Feudal Status: Imperial Dominion
Capital: Glastonburg
Largest Cities: Glastonburg

Local Leadership Title: Lord Protector
Local Government: Tynwald
Current leader: Horatio Spaulding

Local language: Shirerithian
Local Religion: Puritan

Puritania is a micronation situated in western Benacia, originally occupying roughly a quarter of the continent. It was originally founded around late 2002/early 2003 as a Commonwealth. The leading personalities included Julian Starr, Austi Scot, and many others. The Tynwald was an open form of government, essentially a direct democracy that provided everyone with a say. The Lord Protector was head of state.

Puritanian subdivisions were formed by settlement. Each was allowed it's own form of government. These varied widely from Stalinism to Absolute Monarchy. (see Absentia). Many longstanding micronationalists got their start by establishing provinces in Puritania. A communist takeover started a Civil War that lead to the collapse of the state.

After this time of chaos, the last Chief Justice, Capt. Geoffrey T. Spaulding assumed the title of Acting Lord Protector and attempted to revive the nation starting in late 2005. He had very little success.

Spaulding concluded a Treaty of Protection and Mutual Assistance with the Federal Republic of Cyberia in June of 2006, and in Sept. 2006 he requested annexation by the FRC.

With the withdrawal of the FRC from its overseas ambitions, Puritania ceased to exist as a political entity.

In 6317 ASC (Nov 2016) Puritania was re-established, having been recently freed from years of rule by Batavia. Ethnic Puritanians gathered in the last remaining independent province, Konnetigut, at the city of Glastonburg. It was here that they declared the formation of the Republic of Puritania, allying with the neighboring states of Dietsland and Voltrue to form the Confederacy of Puritanian States. The Confederacy subsequently signed a treaty of friendship and security with Shireroth, due in part to continued raids by rogue agents from Jingdao, granting the Kaiser rule and uniting it with Shireroth's territory.