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Vervollkommnung flag.jpg

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Feudal Status: County
Capital: Mahozarcheep
Largest Cities: Mahozarcheep

Local Leadership Title: Count
Local Government: Feudal
Current leader: William Arthur Payne

Local language: English, Written Halluci, German, Vervollian
Local Religion: Cedrism, Soloralism, Christian minorities

Vervollkommnung is a county of the Barony of Hallucination and part of the Marquessate of Sermolot and the Duchy of Kildare. It's one of the most communist counties in Shireroth and is famous for its large and extended forests.

Current Count

The current count of Vervoll. is William Arthur Payne. He plans to flesh out the county and make it a defining feature of the Barony of Hallucination. So far he has created a new language for the county, Vervollian, changed the name of the capital city to Mahozarcheep and made it legally valid to just say Vervoll. More developments are expected in the near future.


The capital city of Vervoll., Mahozarcheep, is the most developed part of the county, seeing as the majority of the county is forest. It has a population of around 9,700 people, who are mainly middle class and many have jobs in the fledgling coal industry of Vervoll. Mahozarcheep has had two other names in the past, going from Lost Woods, to Derevograd, before finally settling in on Mahozarcheep. Many figure that with a change of count, the capital will be renamed yet again, but the current count, William Arthur Payne hopes against it.