Kila Megadaezj

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Lady Kila Mathilde Megadaezj (born Tårbæk-Lla'i in Azarea in 1550, died 1652) was a Shirerithian aristocrat and businesswoman. She was the daughter of Princess Gunvør of Humlebæk and her second husband Ngahi Lla'i. She had a half brother, Daniel Kalirion, and two step brothers Rashid Karyandzadeh and Cashmaiel Andelarion. Among her cousins were Lady Esther and Elijah Ayreon.

Studied architecture at Riverside College in Islus (1570-1576). Prior to her retirement, she specialised in industrial architecture.

Married 1580 with fellow architect Azbadon Megadaezj, of Zolt, Goldshire. Formed with her husband the firm Megadaezj & Megadaezj.

She has three children with Azbadon, and three grandchildren:

  • Lord Yashtar Azbadon Olav Megadaezj (b. 1583), m. 1610 with Emilia Terravia (of Amarr).
    • Lady Talra Esmeralda Kelde Megadaezj (1615–1638) m. 1635 with Ashraf Jahanbani (1610–1656)
    • Lady Fjedra Catarina Mathilde Megadaezj (b. 1618)
  • Lady Nodadar Freja Kila Megadaezj (b. 1585), m. 1615 Robert Emanuel de la Gardie.
    • Jean Emanuel Ngahi de la Gardie (b. 1620).
  • Lord Eldes Oden Megadaezj (b. 1590), m. 1626
    • Lord Zulamith Thor Megadaezj (b. 1628) m. 1660 Lady Salami Zakresyn Kyl
      • Lord Enare Topelius Kil (b. 1662)