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Azarea (Azjareyja)

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Feudal Status: County-level administrative unit
Capital: none established
Largest Cities: none

Local Leadership Title: President
Local Government: Council of Azarea
Current leader: Arviður

Local language: Shirerithian English, Hurmu, Laqi
Local Religion:

Azarea (pronounced [əˈzɛəɹiə]; in Hurmu Azjareyja (pronounced [ˈaʒːaɾˌeːja]); Laqi: ???) is a small island off the Modan-lach coast of Brookshire, about the size of Earth's Bali. Forming a jurisdiction of its own, Azarea has a government separate from the counties of K'Tzuni. The island is, however, sparsely populated; its population has not exceeded 10'000 for several centuries, leaving most of its nature untouched.


The name of the island stems ultimately from the same root as the name of the similarly sized county of Ž, via Hurmu Azjareyja (Anglicized as Azarea). The Laqi noun of ž, although not etymologically native to Laqi, roughly means “Modanian island”, originally representing a hieroglyph of special, but today lost, significance. That special glyph can often found among the Khaz-Modan ruins on Ž, Azarea and various other islands and coasts of Brookshire and Yardistan

The Hurmu name, Azjareyja, can be divided into two parts, azjar and eyja. The first part, azjar, is the genitive of the Hurmu pronunciation of the Laqi word ž, and eyja is a poetic form for “island”. It is related to the Crandish aujo (as in the Vaan Aujoen), also meaning “island”, both forms comig from Proto-Germanic *awjô which in turn stems from the Proto-Indo-European root *akwâ (compare Latin aqua).


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