Gunvør of Humlebæk

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Princess Gunvør of Humlebæk.

Gunvør Torkelsdatter Tårbæk, also known as Princess Gunvør of Humlebæk and Gunvør Lla'i (born in Humlebæk in 1515 and died in Geneva, Alexandria, 1560) was a princess and heir of the deposed independent monarchy of Humlebæk. She is famous for marrying the sixty-five-years older Kaiser Ayreon in 1540 just four years before his death. With him, she bore the son Daniel Kalirion in 1542. Gunvør is an ancestor of King Noah of Elwynn.

In 1544, after her husband's death, she moved with her child to Azarea. There she met Ngahi Lla'i (1503-1587), a Sanillan geologist of Eriksburg University. They married in 1546, and she took on her husband's name. She had a second child, Kila Mathilde Llai, in 1550.

She died in a car crash in Geneva, while visiting relatives there, aged 45 in 1555.