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The Imperial Republic of Shireroth
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The Kaiser - The Steward
The Landsraad - The Praetor - The Imperial Judex
Imperial Forces - Imperial Marshals
Imperial States - Imperial Dominions - Counties

The Charter
Imperial Decrees - The Lawbook

Ministry of the Exterior
Ministry of the Interior
Ministry of Military Affairs

Sir John Metzler III University
Cedrist Church - Church of Elwynn
Holodomatic School - Zurvanism

The Lands
Elwynnese Union - Kingdom of Goldshire
County-Palatine of Kezan - Kingdom of Malarboria

The legal term Imperial Government nowadays refers to the Federal Level of Government of the Imperial Republic of Shireroth, as opposed to the State Level of Government. The Imperial Government presently consists of the Kaiser, the Regent the Steward, the Landsraad, the Ministries, and the Imperial Judex. It's highest executive body is the Imperial Advisory Council.

It should be noted that the term Imperial Government is often used to refer to the executive branch of the Imperial Level of Government.


The Imperial Government is charged with conducting the exercising the powers reserved to itself by the Charter.


Beginning in 1653, the Imperial Government received an annual draft of 21,600 indentured servants trained variously trained in the dark arts of auditing and accounting from the Mandate of Tellia as a form of tribute to the Golden Mango Throne in return for the Imperial Republic continuing to honour the Cedar Charter and the Treaty of Gloomburg with the Tellian Confederation.

This reform, introduced by Liv Dravot, paved the way for the creation of a professionalised slave-bureaucracy for the first time in Shireroth's history.