First Gods

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The Catologian Faith
Sun Symbol of the Catalogian Faith.

Three Pillars
Council of Gods - Heavenly Mandate -

Wheel of Life

Tetrarch Gods
Cato - Germania -

Lumina - Sakat

Lesser Gods
Baishens - Hieronymus - Sisera

Minor Elevated Creatures
Malarbor - Demons - Ghosts -

Mikrons - Saints

Miracle of Life - Chaos War -

Mikron War

Catologian Church - Temples -

Sisters of Ryvenna - Disciples of Sakat -

Sun Children of Lumina

The First Gods were the eight first Gods who were created out of the Source of Life when the Universe got shaped. They were more powerful than those that came into existence after Them.

However, during the Chaos War, one of the First Gods - Haruk - defeated six of Them. Only Sakat survived the attempts by Haruk and escaped Him - as He could stand outside of time - until the day that Cato found Sakat and formed the Tetrarchy which defeated Haruk and other Baishens.

The six defeated Gods are the only known gods that died during the Chaos War. As a result their names were lost to both the Gods as humankind. Since than, no God was ever destroyed, but instead locked up.