Thingeyri Temple

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The Thingeyri Temple is the senior temple of the Storish Ancient Ways. It is one of the Thirteen Temples and situated in the Jarldom of Thingeyri.


The Thingeyri Temple is a temple complex which is ancient beyond the memory of woman. It is situated deep inside the Thingeyri Forest, a virtually impenetrable old-growth forest within the borders of the former Valtian lands which nowadays constitute the Storish Jarldom of Thingeyri.

Seat of the Jólaslafðir

The Temple is the seat of the Jólaslafðir, which means "Yule Ladies" in the Storish language. It is a council composed of the highest ranking clergy of the Storish Ancient Ways and which also is the spiritual leadership of the Storish Vanafolk. The Jólaslafðir are led by the Yfirstormarksgythia, who is also the High Priestess of the Thingeyri Temple.

Protected by Magic

The Thingeyri Temple is protected by ancient spells - no one who hasn't any business there can enter it - as well as other manifestations of magic including but not limited to a humongous unkindness of killer-ravens and the Bloody Gargoyles, which are carved stone grotesques who become alive to slaughter and devour trespassers. In addition to the aforesaid protections the Thingeyri Temple also has a Temple Guard, which is the spiritual predecessor of the Vanic Temple Guard in Elwynn as well as similar guards all over Micras.

As the High King of Stormark is joined in Sacred Marriage with the Fulltrui and Sacred Queens, He is always welcome at the Thingeyri Temple and when he is visiting the temple complex the killer-ravens and the Bloody Gargoyles bow their heads in deference to His Imperial and Royal Majesty the Sacred Consort of the Three Ladies Divine Frigga, Freyja and Idunn.

Holder of Ancient Texts

As one of the oldest as well as the most senior Temples of the Storish Ancient Ways the Thingeyri Temple holds numerous ancient texts and manuscripts as well as a large number of sacred artifacts. It also holds a copy of the Pact of the Heartland.