Council of Gods

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The Catologian Faith
Sun Symbol of the Catalogian Faith.

Three Pillars
Council of Gods - Heavenly Mandate -

Wheel of Life

Tetrarch Gods
Cato - Germania -

Lumina - Sakat

Lesser Gods
Baishens - Hieronymus - Sisera

Minor Elevated Creatures
Malarbor - Demons - Ghosts -

Mikrons - Saints

Miracle of Life - Chaos War -

Mikron War

Catologian Church - Temples -

Sisters of Ryvenna - Disciples of Sakat -

Sun Children of Lumina

It is said that the Universe since it creation stood once at the brink of destruction: what was once brought to life by the Source of Life now threatened to destroy that life itself: Gods fought Gods and millions of lifeforms became victim of the raging conflict during the Chaos War.

To protect the Universe against the Gods and to protect the Gods against themselves, Cato - together with Lumina, Germania and Sakat - created a Council of Gods and subdued the other Gods. The four together were called the Tetrarchy, or Tetrarch Gods.

From all the deities that existed, Cato only accepted a handful of Gods to reign next to Him in the Council, to look out over the Universe. Those are minor deities and play no very important role, but assist the Tetrarchy in their tasks.