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The orginal flag of Rantsilastan is a play on the Yardistani flag, featuring actual seal of the Finnish municipality of Rantsila.

The Territory of Rantsilastan (Yardistani: Tera du Rantsilasta ['te.ra dɨ ran.si'lɑ.sta], Rantsilastani: Rantsilastana Landariko ['rɑnt.si.lɑ.stɑ.nɑ 'lɑn.dɑ.ri.ko]) is an obscure territory located in the south-east of the Isle of Yardistan. The only Rantsilastani there seems to be is Rantsilastani Dude 132. He pops up from time to time, raving about declaring independence from somebody or something, or threatening Scott Alexander's life. The territory is named for Rantsila, Finland, the home town of Ari Rahikkala. Rantsilastan also has its own language, similar to Yardistani, called Rantsilastani.

Gryphon Avocatio originally conceived of the place as a sort of Yardistan within Yardistan. Not only would it serve as a sort of counterpunctual device with its constantly rebelling inside of a state that was constantly rebelling. It would also simply add to the diverse forms of insanity that were already well known within Yardistan. Unfortunately, Gryphon never developed the idea entirely as a result of his increasing involvement in Shirerothian politics.