Marquessate of Sermolot

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Flag of Sermolot.jpg
Feudal Status: Marquessate
Capital: Djugagrad
Largest Cities: Djugagrad, Derevograd, New Kajar, New Enhasa

Local Leadership Title: Marquess
Local Government: Feudal
Current leader: Gaius Vesennas

Local language: English, Written Halluci, German
Local Religion: Cedrism, Soloralism, Christian minorities

Sermolot is a marquessate of the Barony of Antya and subdivision of the Duchy of Kildare. It consists of the County of Automatica and the County of Vervollkommnung. On 3585 ASC the marquessate was desolved by the Baron of Antya (Jonas). However, he used the name for his Baronial Empire of Sermolot.