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Jacobus B.S. Kahuneamea (born 1439, died 1533)) was the founder of Cogito and Lac Glacei. The founding member of the Jacobus family, Kahunamea was known for political ventures all over the world. He had claimed citizenship in the United Imperium of Cognito & Lac Glacei, the "Imperial Dominion of Cyberia", Jaris (former Minister of War and President), Tymaria, the Virtual Commonwealth of Cyberia, Morovia, and the Federal Republic of Cyberia (President, 1514–1526). Infamous and considered annoying by most governments, he in his later years renounced claims to his previous possessions, and encouraged constitutional order. He immigrated to Shireroth 1524, and spent his later years as a professor of history at Metzler University. Died of old age in 1533. Had one son, Jacobus Loki.

Gave rise to the term "Jacobist", used as a compliment by his supporters, and as an invective by those disdainful of his satiric style. By Article 5 of the infamous Treaty of Shirekeep, Jacobus explicitly admtted and renounced any claims to Cyberia, Attera or Morovia. He has since abrogated the treaty. The reasons for this include multiple,constant and ongoing alleged violations by citizens of the VCC, including the President and the negotiator. Thus Jacobus' side claim that the VCC negotiated in knowing bad faith.

In the 1490s Jacobus was put on trial in absentia in the High Court of the Solomonic Empire of Attera, under High Judge Behmanesh Farzan for inciting revolution and posting under a false login. As a sovereign, he did not deign to honor the court with his presence. The case raised issues in Atteran law over the trial of foreign nationals, and of ex post facto applications of the law, along with double jeopardy. The court ruled in favor of ex post facto laws. Jacobus put up no defense, and so was successfully convicted by the court, and sentenced to 90 days exclusion from the Empire. Since he did not go there, the sentence was of no effect.

It was not the first time Jacobus was involved with Attera. Mikel T'zion served a regent of the Jacobus' United Imperium during the Emperor's absence in early 1500s. He later had a falling out with T'zion over the TYSOG scandal in Tymaria. In the late 1470s and early 1480s he issued Letters of Marque and Reprisal against the Atteran Empire as one of the countries who defied him by supporting his archrivals, the Virtual Commonwealth of Cyberia.