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The name Cyberia may also refer to the Federal Republic of Cyberia.


The Virtual Commonwealth of Cyberia is a democratic republic founded by Ken Kerns on July 19, 1997. It has the oldest continuous republican constitution of Internet-based,anglophone micronations.


New cyberia map 400.gif

The VCC as it appeared on Micras


National Assembly

Cyberia's legislature is called the National Assembly. It is a unicameral body elected at three month intervals. Elections are proportional representation by the single transferable vote. The number of Deputies is equal to one-third of the population. The Assembly makes laws. It also confirms judicial, cabinet, and other appointments. Prior to 2000, the Assembly was a bicameral body composed of a Senate and Chamber of Deputies. The provisional legislature was a Chamber of Ministers appointed by the president with elections at arbitrary intervals. This ended with ratification of the Constitution in October, 1997.

Executive branch

Cyberia's executive branch is headed by an elected President. Elections are every six months. The President is Commander-in-Chief of the Cyberian Defense Force and federal website. The President appoints a Cabinet with the consent of the National Assembly to carry out day-to-day administration. Cabinet members may appoint Deputy Ministers with the consent of the President. The President may appoint a personal staff to handle special projects.


Cyberia's judiciary is headed by a three-member supreme court. Currently there are no permanent justices, so the Judicial Council appoints any of several Temporary Justices to hear cases on a case-by-case basis. Cyberia is a common law state that recognizes the precedents of the United States, Australia and United Kingdom.

Boards, Commissions and Special Agencies

  • Cyberian Geographical Mapping Agency

Direct Democracy

Cyberia's citizens have the right to recall officials, enact legislation by the initiative, and amend the constitution by the referendum.

Civil Society

Cyberia's civil society consists of several parties, NGOs, public and private corporations.

Private enterprises

  • Mattimeo Messenger

Public enterprises

  • Cyberian Broadcasting Cooperative
  • Cyberian University

Parties & NGOs

  • Progressive Futurist Party
  • Social Democratic Party