Imperial Decree 645

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Imperial Capital Governance

IN RECOGNITION of certain vested interests in the localized governance of certain districts of the Imperial Capital;

AS WELL AS concern over the potential erosion of the Imperial Capital;

AND DRAFTED following consultation with said vested interests;

LET IT BE KNOWN that the Imperial Capital is hereby declared a conurbation composed of three municipalities, as described below:

  • The City of Shirekeep, whose jurisdiction lies between the White Elwynn and the Blue Elwynn;
  • The City of Cabbagefall, whose jurisdiction lies east of the White Elwynn;
  • The City of Lichkeep, whose jurisdiction lies south of the Blue Elwynn.


(1) administration of the City of Shirekeep shall fall to the Imperial Government, who may delegate such responsibilities to a Prefect of Shirekeep;

(2) administration of the City of Cabbagefall shall fall to the Duchy of Goldshire, who may delegate such responsibilities to a Prefect of Cabbagefall;

(3) administration of the City of Lichkeep shall fall to the Kingdom of Lichbrook, who may delegate such responsibilities to a Prefect of Lichkeep;

(4) activities that overlap individual municipalities shall be administered by a Council for the Coordination of Activities between the Cities of the Imperial Capital, or City Council;

(5) The City Council shall be composed of the prefects of the three cities that compose the Imperial Capital, and shall possess an equal share of decision-making authority therein.

By my hand in Raynor's Keep
in the Year of Our Sector Five-Thousand Two-Hundred Fifty Seven,

Mira of Octavius-Aryani

Regent to the Kaiser