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Map docklands.png
Nation: Imperial Republic of Shireroth
City: Shirekeep
Population: 704,309
Predominant language: Istvanistani, Præta Sxiröþes

Main roads:
Major ethnicities:

The city of Cabbagefall, formerly Shirekeep's Docklands sit on the Keep's east flank. The harbour is used to ship goods in and out the capital and surrounding regions. While the Cabbagefall docks are popular for shipping the goods to other parts of the Empire or world, not many companies are located in this district because of the high crime rates associated with the Civil War in Goldshire. It's status as a city is noteworthy in that, while it is a part of Goldshire, it is also a part of Greater Shirerkeep and is ruled over by the Prefect of Shirekeep and Cabbagefall in what has been called a municipal personal union.


Formerly, in addition to the docklands, Cabbagefall was the site of the Mattlore Devious International Airport / Hospital / Stadium / Aquarium / Zoo / Mini-Golf Course / Cemetery / Ashram / Fire Station / Racetrack / Copper Mine the capital's sole international airport and, thanks to draconian zoning laws starting in the time of Kaiser Meskan I, home at one point to at least 64% of Shireroth's public services.

The Mattlore Devious Shuttle System conveyed visitors from the parking lot (once the third largest on Micras) to the various substructures in the complex.

Quarters and districts of Shirekeep

City Centre: Audente Quarter - Boreal Quarter - Commercial District - The Hub - Landsraad District - Metzlershire - Northshire - The Old City - Raynor's Keep - The Rim - Soloralist Quarter - Treesian Quarter - Yardistani Quarter - Outskirts: Caeol’s Village - Docklands - Foreign Quarters - Halluci Shire - Little Holwinn - Loki’s Line - Timothy’s Cliff - Westshire