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The Goddess Hnoss through whom the House of Ettlingar Freyu descends from the Lady Divine Freyja depicted above succumbing to frostbite.

Hnoss is a Goddess who belongs to the tribe of deities known as the Vanir. Her name means "Treasure" in the Froyalanish and Wintergleamish languages. The Lady Hnoss is a Goddess associated with beauty, desire, grace and lust.


The Lady Hnoss is the daughter of the Lady Divine Freyja and the sister of the Goddess Gersimi.

Foremother Divine of the House of Ettlingar Freyu

The Goddess Hnoss is the mother of the Storjarla Björka Hnossdóttir and it therefore is through this Lady Divine that the House of Ettlingar Freyu descends from the Lady of the Vanir.

Quote from the Lore

Your face is so fair, as bright as your charm,

Your heart is so open, your disposition so warm.
Goddess of beauty, Goddess of grace,
Born to that wonderful, magical race.

Your eyes shine like stars, that gleam in the sky,
Your laugh is so innocent, your age makes you shy.
Delicate in form, but firm in your mind,
A child of the Vanir, a joy to your kind.

Your name is Hnoss, but we call you treasure,
To bask in your presence, is truly a pleasure.
Your giggle is wonderfully charming and fun,
You are the future, the magic, the One !

From: the Joy of Love

The Lady Hnoss is so lovely that whatever is beautiful and valuable is called treasure from her name.

From: Gylfaginning