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The harbour of Anun in the days of yore.

Anun (Amokolian: Anunnia, Elw: Anuun), also known as the Royal City of Anun, is the capital of the Princely Precinct of the Elwynnese Union which is known as the Kingdom of Amokolia. It is situated on the island which is called Drakenoya.


Anun has grown from a backwater war camp to a sprawling metropolitan area. It was founded in the days of yore by the Berserker warlord known as the Juggernaut as a slave camp without him giving it any formal name and . However, as time went on and the Juggernaut's berserkers settled around the camp, a village haphazardly grew. The Juggernaut refused to give the camp a name, fearing that doing so would cause his enemies to find him. So it came to pass that the village acquired the name "Anun", which simply meant "no name".

After the demise of the Juggernaut and the rise of his heirs and the Kingdom of Amok, Anun took on a more formal appearance. Streets were paved, a castle-fortress was constructed, and the harbour became a major shipping port. This marked the transition of Anun from camp to city, and as Amokolia grew so did the metropolis. Today Anun bears, aside from its sizable Old City, little resemblance to its former self. Everything else has been replaced with modern asphalt roads, skyscrapers and high-rise buildings, factories and industrial yards. As Anun became a commercial center, the suburban population was pushed further into the extremities, so that the outskirts of the city are now filled with the remaining local farms and many residential developments.