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Heiðrdans is a sacred dance which derives its name from the word Heiðr, which means "Beaming", "Bright", "Fame", "Shining", or "Splendor" in the Froyalanish and Wintergleamish languages and the aforesaid word also is one of the Lady Freyja's many names.

A Celebration of Feminine Power

This sacred dance is an ecstatic celebration of feminine power, creativity and sexual energy. If one pays close attention one will feel this powerful charisma emanating from an experienced dancer. The energy she is running through her body as she dances is healing for herself . And even her audience can experience healing as she helps create the space for the clearing of negative energy by radiating her energy to them.

Heiðrdans is a highly sensual dance with spiritual intent. It may be done alone, or with a partner, or with a group of partners. Partners engage one another with loving and passionate intent for the purpose of harmonizing their mood as well as the pure pleasure of moving sensually and creatively together. Natural movements are ones which express your attraction, affection and desire for your beloved. Eye gazing and synchronized breathing quickly align the energies of two into one and opens the way to deeper ecstatic experiences


In many traditions around the world dance depicts, implies, or is about relationships, including our relationship with ourselves and the Divine. Heiðrdans, performed by a solo artist may portray the relationship of the dancer to her own emotions, body and senses. Some movements in the dance artistically imply female orgasm. In fact, it does move sexual energy through the body and has the potential to stimulate ecstatic states, including full body orgasm.


Heiðrdans celebrates the Lady Freyja in all women and the human capacity to bring forth life through the physical body. Sensual, snakey, muscular movements are grounding and remind us of our connection to the earth. The subtle abdominal and pelvic movements do indeed hasten and ease the birth process. Expressive, graceful arms and skyward movement including spinning acknowledge our connection with spirit and ground our spirit selves into the body. Heiðrdans helps us invoke and express our sense of oneness with the Lady of the Vanir and our reverence for this relationship. As in other sacred dances of the world it focuses on the Divine within and without brings forth healing and grace.

Vanic Traditions

Some Heiðrdansers are conscioulsy embodying the sacred art in the spirit of the ancient Vanic traditions expressing the wisdom that our bodies and sexuality are a vehicle to our spiritual realization and evolution. Heiðrdans may be beautifully choreographed and technically impressive, or it may be improvised and spontaneous, bringing through a profound quality of divine inspiration in the moment.

Poetry of Passion

Dance is one of the arts mentioned in Poetry of Passion, the classical Valtian book on the Art of Love. It is suggested that men and women alike should be well versed in these arts. Vanic ritual involves a weaving together of these arts into an expansive, ecstatic experience. Ancient ecstasy teachings recognized the harmonizing ability of sacred dance. Natural movements and gestures mirrored by the partners engaged in a sacred dance can harmonize mood and overcome the sense of separation and the limitations of personality.


  • Every Hjartardýrlafði performs a very advanced form of Heiðrdans before the White Stag Throne as part of her Investiture. During her performance the Deer Lady is dressed in ritual garments in the colour which is associated with her Templedom.

Quotes from the Lore

Freyja is the sensation of movement we feel in the soles of our feet when we dance. She is the quickening we feel low down in our belly when we seduce and are seduced. She is the swift pace of our heartbeat when we step into our warrior self. She is the sparkle in our eyes when we communicate our desire.

- From: The Lady

Faster and faster, the music whirls round and round the steaming dancers. The drums are intoxicating, throbbing deep into her brain, deep into her heart, deep into herblood. Freydís' skin tingles; her eyes sparkle. She and her body are one beautiful instrument of the Goddess as she dances with wild, passionate abandon.

- From: the Joy of Love