Greater Audentior

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Greater Audentior

Coat of arms Greater Audentior.png

Feudal Status: County
Capital: Apollo City (Apoltopoli)
Largest Cities: Apollo City, Apolytown, Destrykara

Local Leadership Title: Count / Senechal
Local Government: Feudal
Current leader: Jonas

Local language: English, Dutch, Audente, Micron
Local Religion: Soloralism

The Grand-County of Greater Audentior, or The Lands Represented in the Antyan Union and the Lands of the Crown of Sermolot, is a county within Kildare. In the native laguage it's often called Audêntija Grakent or shortened to Audêntija. It unites the former counties of Demesos and Audentior in one larger Grand-County. The references in the longer name are easy to explain: Antya refers to the land at the west of the Antyan River (Demesos), while the Crown of Sermolot has to refer to every part of the former Barony of Sermolot, including Audentior and the Atrechtian Colonies at Lake Christoph.



Old Audente Era (??? - 513 ASC)

  • b7500 - Construction for the Tower of Airosamente begin. More and more immigrants seek their hail in the Audente lands and are used as cheap labour forces.
  • b7373 - The Tower of Airosamente is finished. But crop failures, loss of technology and shortages of raw materials contributed to the collapse of the empire and its capital (Airosamente). Audentior collapsed and the people who had once sought refuse in these safe lands moved across the world.
  • b4023 ASC - Ming Leonarkos, the popular politician of the Democracy of Airosamente, is elected King Ming I of the city-state, as the government changes from a Democracy to a Monarchy. He renames the city-state to Audentior, with the goal to rule over the entire region of Audentior. The bloodline of Leonarkos is born.
  • b3988 ASC - Ming I dies; his son, Ming II, takes control of the tribal kingdom. In his deathbed, Ming I tells his son that he had a tribe to unite the tribes of Apollonia.
  • b3985 ASC - Ming II declares war on the other tribes in Apollonia Proper.
  • b3974 ASC - The tribe of Demesosia is conquered by the Audentes.
  • b3939 ASC - Ming II dies, his son, Markos I, takes the throne. He continues the conquest of Apollonia.
  • b3832 ASC - King Markos II is declared Emperior of Audentior And Her Surrounding Lands by the Airosamente Tetrapole, having granted supreme power after the success of the latest campaign against the barbarians.
  • b2768 ASC - The final war between Jasonia and Audentior breaks out and is quickly settled, quite abruptly. Audente Ultima mages unleash their power on the flying island kingdom, blasting Jasonia out of the sky. The Kingdom of Jasonia, crippled by the suprise attack, is easily conquered by Audentior.
  • b127 ASC - The Revolution of Audentior formally begins. Blackrock, Demesos, Bellatorian, and MyNation provinces rebel against the Kingdom of Audentior and form a temporary alliance to protect their individual freedoms. Audentior Magical Knights fight against the more technologically advanced provinces. Most of the fighting occurs in Blackrock as an example to the rest of the provinces. Blackrock suffers many military defeats at the hands of the Magical Knights.
  • b89 ASC - Second seige on Airosamente. Airosamente conquered. King Ming XXXXVIII executed. The Kingdom of Audentior falls and the Ultimate Republic is formed.
  • b88 ASC - Many provinces realize that the Ultimate Republic is the same as the Kingdom of Audentior in the fact that it controls the whole world. In the chaos surrounding the formation of the new state, mainland Audentior and Automatica (including Pinkania) secede to form the Gracian Kingdom. War begins anew, but ends after the signing of a ceasefire later in the year.
  • b23 ASC - The Emperors, an organization to reunify the nations, is created by Studlum and is based in the Audente town of Epoli. They are violently opposed by provincal nationalists.
  • 0 ASC - The Apolyton Nation is founded by the unification of the Gracian Kingdom and the United Republic, with the efforts of the freedom fighting group, the Emperors, who kidnapped the King of the Gracian Kingdom in order to force the treaty.
  • 70 ASC - Because of the vast amount of crime and disorder in Apolytown, the city of Apolytown is razed by the Apolyton army, in a hope to start the city anew. Mass riots occur in other Apolyton Nation cities because of this atrocity.
  • 81 ASC - The Apolytonian government collapses. Apollonia is in anarchy by the loss of a regional government.
  • 88 ASC - The city of Apolytown is refounded.
  • 113 ASC - Audentior offically declares independence from Apolyton Nation, taking the former provinces of Audentior, Automatica, and Pinkania.
  • 226 ASC - Audentior changes government systems, as Evon von Christoph is named Chancellor of Audentior and its dominions.
  • 228 ASC - Chancellor Evan von Christoph makes sweeping changes to the Audente infrastructure, effectively making Audentior an Empire.
  • 232 ASC - Audentior goes into an alliance with the United Demesos. Both Audentior and the United Demesos attempt to annex Acolia.
  • 233 ASC - Skirmish in Acolia. ACOLers offers stiff resistance to Audente presence. Former Prime Minister of Audentior, MarkL, creates an opposition government to the new Audente Empire.
  • 237 ASC - Gene Saquid, a veteran government offical of Audentior, resigns from all government positions. Audentior begins to rapidly decline as a power.
  • 242 ASC - The powerhouse nation of Attera, watching over the sector quitely from the east, decides to make a move and captures the remote Audente provinces of Telikos and Aryvel. Citing a need to protect the territories from invevitable anarchy of the collapsing Audentior, few are able to protest at the awesome power of Attera. Blackrock, the sole remaining power of Apollonia, decides to not intervene.
  • 278 ASC - Foundation of a new Audentior as Shireroth, Jasonia, Tapfer, and Hyperborea merge. The Jasonian islands are grounded as a large amount of immigrants from the merged nations land in Airosamente for a new life.
  • 340 ASC - Beginning of the collapse of Audentior. Shireroth secedes from Audentior.
  • 348 ASC - Tapfer is annexed into Jasonia. In an attempt to stop the war with the Imperial faction in Audentior, Tapfer officials, with the help of Jasonians, install antigravity engines into the city of Airosamente, creating a new flying island and preventing further attacks on the city. The ruins surrounding the former landed area of Airosamente are consolidated under the Imperialist power, founding a new city, Apollo City.
  • 454 - The Union of Apollo States is formed from the various ashes of Apollonia. With Apollo City as capital.

Post-UAS Era (513 ASC - 1145 ASC)

The evolution of the several Audente City states, between 708 ASC and 793 ASC.
  • 705 ASC - Shireroth destroys the Antigrav engines of Nelaga and the other isles. Airosamente (the flying part of the city) is fully united with Apollo City again.
  • 707 ASC - Chaos and anarchy struck Audentior. The central government falls apart and a civil war threats to destroy the (unstable) peace that's need to restore from the chaos after the collapse of Jasonia.
  • 708 ASC - Audentior falls apart in three major city states: Ansaris, Apolytown and Apollo City. In all three the city states, a feudal system is introduced. Soon they start annexing the smaller neighbouring city states.
  • 709 ASC - King Mel'Mul I Car'Set succeeds in becoming the only powerful noble of Apollo City. In the mean time, their neighbour city state Ansaris is divided in a struggle between the pro-Apolytown nobles and the pro-Apollo City nobles.
  • 712 ASC - Riots occur in Ansaris and it quickly becomes clear that the government is losing control. In a last desperate to restore order Lord Mayor Greg Seltov asks the army to help fighting against the rioters. However, the army quickly chooses the side of the rebels.
  • 713 ASC - The rebels conquer the last areas loyal to the Lord Mayor. An Ansarisian republic is set up. King Mel'Mul I of Audentior reacts by declaring war to the rebels and easily conquers the whole city state in a few days. Apolytown doesn't react.
  • 724 ASC - A conflict rises between Apolytown and Apollo City about the annexed territory of the former City State of Ansaris. To avoid war, Mel'Mul I offers a part of the territory as a Royal gift.
  • 793 ASC - After 80 years of silence and a cold war, the Apolytown- and Apollo City-government start talking again with each other. A Sermolotian Union is created to easily control the Antya river.
  • 823 ASC - The Sermolotian Union starts a war with New Jasonia and invades it. The invasion fails but Queen Sal'Kir I fast reaction to offer peace, prevents the outbreak of a big conflict between Shireroth and Sermolot. Because the Kildarian nobles aren't interested in war, the conflict gets forgotten.
  • 912 ASC - Riots in Apolytown occur. The people demand more democracy and throw their king of the throne. Apollo City reacts by sending 'peace troops' and restoring order.
  • 913 ASC - The last king of Apolytown is murdered by a rebel. The rebel is executed. The King of Apollo City is declared Steward by the Royal Council of Apolytown.
  • 930 ASC - The title of King stays vacant and the power base of the Kings of Apollo City become more stable and stronger. Local nobles ask to unite Audentior under one ruler. The Sermolotian Empire is created, with a Senechal as ruler.
  • 1010 ASC - The Senechals start rebuilding certain minor parts of the old Apollo City but don't show much interest to restore the whole city.
  • 1090 ASC - As Apollo City reaches 500,000 citizens again, the city gets it former city rights back.
  • 1155 ASC - Several minorities demand more privileges. The Senechal and the Gendarmerie succeed in suppressing the several rebellions in the capital and other important cities.

Last Republic Era (1146 ASC - 1297 ASC)

  • 1146 ASC - Rebels succeed in conquering several military bases and cities. With support of Scott Siskind, the monarchy gets replaced by the Seventh Republic of Audentior. The Senechal flees.

The Post-Republic Era (1298 ASC - 3351 ASC)

  • 2580 ASC - A plague, coming from the Raynor Isles, spreads over Sermolot. The heir dies as one of the first victims and even is suspected to have brought the plague with him after one of his travels to the West.
  • 2594 ASC - The Line of Car'Set is exctincted. With Nan'Kur Ray'Eir, a noble from cleric family, the Line of Ray'Eir starts to rule Sermolot.
  • 2643 ASC - Senechal Dum'Kur Ray'Eir forbids travelling to Kildarian lands. Even by taking many precautions, the plague still spreads further, killing hundreds of people, including young children.

Antyan Era (3352 ASC - 3584 ASC)

  • 3352 ASC - Crusade to the Holy Lands (Apollo City and surrounding territories). Creation of the County of Audentior as part of the Barony of Antya.

Sermolotian Era (3585 ASC - 3796 ASC)

  • 3585 ASC - The Barony of Antya is dissolved and replaced by the Baronial Empire of Sermolot.
  • 3617 ASC - Jonas Windsor is coronated as Senechal of Sermolot.

Post-Sermolotian Era (3796 ASC - present)

  • 3796 ASC - Kaiser Leto III disbands Sermolot as a Barony, after which the former counties (Audentior, Demesos, New Jasonia and the Atrechtian Colonies) are integrated in one new county: Greater Audentior.
  • 3881 ASC - The news of a new House system spreads through the Audente lands and is first welcomed with enthusiasm. Not much later the popularity of the new Shirerithian system disappears in thin air, which leads to minor riots and unrest.
  • 4056 ASC - The collapse of the House System leads to the re-use of the name Sermolot.
  • 4072 ASC - The local population asks their Count to re-establish the name 'Greater Audentior'. Count Jonas agrees.
  • 4082 ASC - (Shirerithian) Dutch becomes the second official language of Greater Audentior.


The Grand-County consists of several old cultures and peoples. Besides that, Apollo City has always attracted large numbers of immigrants who stayed in the city or went living in the neighbourhood. This explains the use of several different habits on such a small area and the differences in urbanisation between South-Audentior (which contains Apollo City) and the rest of the Grand-County.

Because the county is not one historical or geographical identity, it's often hard for the Audentians to say that their is just one culture. For example: the Atrechtian Colonies is a mix of the culture of the native population and those who colonised the east coast of Nova Dalmacija (where the 'colony' lays). Especially the Batavian culture has much influence on the daily life of the Atrechtians, while it was the Senechal who permitted the Batavians to immigrate to that region. So they did, and the Three Atrechtian Colonies became part of Audentior in 3761 ASC.

A common character of them is the Soloralist religion which is widespread through the county. The quote "One County, One Religion" is often used by the missionaries.


Audentians believe that religion, and most likely Soloralism, is an important part of their life on Micras. Soloralism has enjoyed most privileges as being the major religion of the regions and by having the Senechal himself as Templar of the local Soloralist Church. While most religions like Cedrism get forgotten, there is one foreign (Cedrist) God that's particularly praised by even the Soloralists: Sakat, the God of History and Time.

There are many temples scattered over the Barony.


Composing the anthem in the pub The Golden Sun.

The Countal anthem is referred to as the Hymn to Homeland. It's inspired and almost wholly based on a hymn that was made for Audentior, by Scott Siskind. The melody is the same as the Greec anthem, Hymn of Freedom. Before being used by Greater Audentior, it was the official anthem of Baronial Empire of Sermolot. It still refers to the Barony from which the Audentians see themselves as successors.


"Our Sermolot, Our Nation,
Our Cause, and Our Pride!

Our Banner, Risen again.
Our nation's pride revived!

For the cause, that was forsaken,
Hath been given, a new life!

Glorious banner,
Flying Proudly,
Deep with'in,
The Great Blue Sky!

Oh Our Homeland!
Dear Sermolot!
Thus to you,
We owe our Freedom!

Oh Our Homeland!
Dear Sermolot!
Thus to you,
We owe our Lives!"

  • Listen here to the vocal version, sang by Andreas The Wise.



Jon'Kur I of Sermolot, Father of Greater Audentior.

The Government is formed by the Senechal (the Count) of Greater Audentior. In theory he's the sole ruler of the land, but in practice his power is rather limited by the several minor nobles. Next to that, the current ruling Dynasty of Win'Eth has to suppress the most important noble families to avoid getting thrown from his Throne.

The title of Senechal was used by the Barons of the former Barony of Sermolot and given to the Count of Greater Audentior to represent the union between the counties that were annexed by Audentior.

Parliament of Grace

The current government system had been adopted by Greater Audentior under pressure of the local nobles, before the annexation of Audentior, it was used by the Post-UAS Audentians.

After the Great Plague that struck Kildare between 2580 ASC and 2623 ASC, there arose the Parliament of Grace. It was the way of the minor nobles to get more power within the county by benefiting from the plague. The power of the Parliament grew through the ages (and has it origine in the former, but failed, republics), but since the annexation of Audentior by Shireroth, it began to decline. Currently, it has the power to forbid the raise of taxes and it can blockade the County Budget.

The land, divided between the Dynasties).

At the moment, there are five 'Dynasties' who send their representatives to the Grace Parliamant:

  • Win'Eth Dynasty
  • Darcy Dynasty
  • Ray’Eir Dynasty
  • Bosman Dynasty
  • Laanen Dynasty


Because of its diversity, Greater Audentior has several provinces.

Flag Name Capital Population (3796 ASC) Description
Flagain.jpg South Audentior Apollo City 35,290,025 Apollo City and surrounding villages, including Grace Palace. It's home of the Win'Eth Dynasty.
Flagain.jpg North Audentior Apolytown 3,986,491 Arose as the newest province in 3790 ASC under pressure of the Ray'Eir Dynasty.
Flag Demesos.png Demesos Destrykara 3,058,119 The province is split in two important spheres of influence. The Win'Eth Dynasty invested much money in the development of the cities of the former county. When most of these projects failed, the Count couldn't pay the Senechal with money. Instead he gave him large parts of his land in return. Demesos is seen as the most loyal province to the ruling Dynasty.
Flag Atrecht.jpg Atrechtian Colonies or Three Colonies of Atrecht Atrecht 29,000 The three colonies are united as one province. The loyal Batavian colonists have conflicts with the native Laanen Dynasty, but also struggle with keeping their Province functioning. The province is still in full development and the communication lines with the rest of the nation are still badly used.