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Schlangen flag.png

[[Image:{{{coat of arms}}}|100px]]

Feudal Status: County
Capital: Eriorbailey
Largest Cities: Eriorbailey, Markopolis

Local Leadership Title: Count
Local Government: Feudal
Current leader: Conglacio

Local language: English, Aquatan, Germanic
Local Religion: Cedrism, Soloralism, Aquatan, A dregraded TUC

Erior is a County in Kildare, ruled by Conglacio. Erior started as a Treesian colony, during the days of the UAS. In April 2002 “The Duchy of Gong Li and the Kildarian Lands of Erior and Raynor have all been joined into the Barony of Schlangen.” It was the first of Shireroth’s Baronies.

The original flag of Schlangen.

Ownership passed through many hands, few doing much with it, until Conglacio returned for the second time to Schlangen. He restored the name Erior as, by that time, it had lost Gong Li and Raynor. In trying to rationalise the County’s history, it can be understood that the following cultural groups would exist in Erior: Aquatans from pre-UAS times, Treesians, from the original founding of Erior, and an Automatican/Germanic people from post UAS times.


  • Baroness Sabriel, a name in record, but of uncertain identity
  • April 2002 - Joseph Strong, better known as Gryphon the Pure, under the name of Baron Ganondorf
  • December 2005 - ? Conglacio Geisteskrank
  • January 2010 - ? Maximilian van Bunthe-Uné
  • January 2012 - Present Conglacio II Swefhert

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