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Feudal Status: County
Capital: Apollo City
Largest Cities: Apollo City, Apolytown

Local Leadership Title: Count
Local Government: Feudal
Current leader: Jonas

Local language: Istvanistani, Micron
Local Religion: Soloralism

The County of Audentior was a county within the Baronial Empire of Sermolot (Kildare). The only count was Jonas.


Audentior Independent Nation

The nation whose first incarnation essentially founded the Apollo Sector, and arguably an ancestor of Shireroth. While Audentior has had several incarnations, the one of most interest to Shirithian history was middle Audentior. This incarnation was a merger, containing among other nations the Republic of Shireroth. It fell apart due to government inefficiency, voting fraud and infighting.

Of the currently active Shirithian citizens, Ari Rahikkala and Scott Alexander hail originally from the first incarnation of Audentior.

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Part of Shireroth

With the crusade to the so-called Holy Lands in 3352, Audentior was placed under Kildarian rule and re-established. This time as a county.