Army of the Golden Dawn

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A force raised in rebellion against Queen Noor of Goldshire in the year 1639 following the declaration of martial law and the repression of the Assayers. It has three war aims:

1. The expulsion of the Elwynnese;
2. The restoration of House of Mercaja;
3. The revival of the Cedrist religion.

The army itself was formed by the merging together of two distinct forces; the National Movement for the Liberation of Goldshire (NMLG) supported by the House of Mercaja and the Goldshire Liberation Front (GLF) founded by Mo'lluk Hawthorne, the former leader of the proscribed Agrarian Party of Ransenar (APR)[1].

Although the two wings of the Army of the Golden Dawn have been able to work together in securing and holding liberated area centred around the Eth Lune Forest and including Lune Villa, Lockenhasp, Erianamor and Lumenetra, their objectives are to a certain extent incompatible; the MNLG seeking to restore an esoteric form of occult feudalism whilst the GLF ultimately seeks to create a peasants utopia based on decentralised communal governance built around villages and clans. More prosaically the NMLG faction led by Grigory Mazower, a renegade Geomancer from Shirekeep, is focused on trying to capture Mesior and the Gates of the Guttuli in order to throttle trade and starve the Imperial Forces out of Goldshire's internal conflict, whilst the GLF remains focused on spreading the peasants revolt outside of the confines of Lunaris in as short a time as possible before the forces supporting Queen Noor can coalesce sufficiently to bring their numerical superiority to bear. The challenge for Tudor ap Rimetar as Duke Rimetar Wintersong is to bring these two forces together and balance their differing priorities sufficiently to create an effective strategy for winning the war.

Order of Battle

An incomplete estimate compiled by analysts employed by S.W.O.R.D. and the ESB-Jörmungandr Group:

  • Army of the Golden Dawn
    • National Movement for the Liberation of Goldshire
      • Shining Spears of the Vanguard Division
        • Lunatic Legion
          • Custodibus Pardus (Independent Special Ops Battalion | fast rigid raiding boats | Lumenetra)
          • V Brigade Tripudium (Cultural Expeditionary Force | 'a giant entertainments troupe...they'll fight with a ferocity beyond any sane measure' - Stellus Ryabinevich Dolorvenuk Yastreb)
            • Puppet Platoon
          • C'ort Mediguttula (150 Partisans, 20 Attack Leopards, 10 Sabotage Owls, 4 twin barrel 20mm autocannons | Isle of Mediguttula)
          • C'ort Somnis (x30 Somnis SSM, dispersed amongst decoy sites in Eth Lune and Nemorosii forests)
      • Restitutor Aurelianus Division
        • 1st Brigade, Avakair Numismatic Inspectorate-in-Exile
        • Knights of the Burning Claw
        • Order of the Delnurning Blade
        • Hunters of the Stag
    • Goldshire Liberation Front