Goldshire Liberation Front

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The Goldshire Liberation Front was a resistance movement first formed by Mo'lluk Hawthorne after the declaration of Martial Law in Goldshire led directly to the proscription of the Agrarian Party of Ransenar by the Royal Government in 1639. As the ESB Group and the Imperial Forces sought to cement their control over Goldshire by purging the Kingdom of the Assayers, culminating in the Massacre of Avakair the situation quickly deteriorated into civil war and the GLF made common cause with other resistance groups under the banner of the Army of the Golden Dawn

The GLF, true to its agrarian roots, espoused the cause of the common peasantry. It placed a great emphasis on personal liberty and local rule. It considers state overreach and corporate market forces to be twin evils, and campaigns for an ideal of decentralised communal governance built around villages and clans. The GLF's policies for the liberated area were therefore focused on a living wage for agricultural workers, a fair wholesale price for their produce, resistance to mechanisation, and generally protecting the the peasant life from destruction by either state collectivisation or corporate profit maximisation. This put them somewhat at odds with those manorial lords who considered the civil war and the throwing off of royal governance to be an unrivalled opportunity for unfettered profit maximisation.