Ardashir Moqtada al-Osmani

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Ardashir Moqtada al-Osmani
Full Name: Ardashir Moqtada al-Osmani
Alias The Khan of Vijayanagara


Physical Description
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Race: Babkhi
Hair Color and Style: Black hair (dyed), waxed-moustache.
Eye Color: Brown
Skin Color: Olive

Biographical Information
Father: Ardashir Khan
Mother: Victoria Rose
Date of Birth: 1504
Place of Birth: Kamalshahr, Babkha
Date of Death: 1598
Place of Death: Raspur, Babkha
Current Residence(s): n/a
Nationality at Birth: Babkhan
Current Allegiance(s): n/a
Occupation: Ninth Duke of Elwynn
Imperial and Emirati House of Osman
House of Osman.png

Kaiser: Aurangzeb - Noor - Ayreon IV
Shahanshah: Ardashir - Osman Shahanshah
Rulers of Elwynn: Ardashir I - Ardashir II - Aurangzeb - Tokaray al-Osman

Progenitor: Sarhang Artaxerxes

Patroness: Azardokht al-Osman

Ardashir Piroz Moqtada al-Osmani (1504-1598), Duke of Elwynn, Khan of Vijayanagara, Baron of Eliria &etc The second son of Ardashir, Shah of Babkha and former Baron of Elwynn, he was dispatched to Elwynn by his father at a young age to represent the Osmanid dynasty's commitment to gaining hegemony over that realm.

  • Assassinated the former Kaiser Hasan I
  • Deposed by a Hyperborean Invasion
  • Returned and served Andrew Allot.
  • Served as MoMA
  • Son, Aurangzeb, co-drafted the Elwynnese Declaration of Independence
  • Fell out with his own negotiating team (Lord Erion) when trying to oblige Shirekeep to accept the frontiers of an independent Elwynn as being those of the former Duchy at its greatest territorial extent.
  • Indicted and put on trial by the Elwynnese after his son, Aurangzeb Khan destroyed the Congress Building
  • Remained in Babkha after the scandal which saw his son, Aurangzeb, return to Elwynn.
  • Presumed to have perished in the Euran Apocalypse on Hyre 24, Araroqpinu, 1598.



Preceded by:
Hesam Jayatar
Duke of Elwynn
Succeeded by:
Wil Nider