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Sathrati COA.png

Motto: placeholder
Feudal Status: Imperial Dominion
Capital: Zy-Rodun (City)
Largest Cities: Zy-Rodun (City)

Local Leadership Title: Marchioness
Local Government: Absolute Monarchy
Current leader: Noor bint Daniyal

Local language: Common Tongue, Elwynnese Languages
Local Religion: tba

Zy-Rodun, also known as the Marquessate and Dominion of Zy-Rodun is an Imperial Dominion of Shireroth consisting of the island situated in the Gulf of Khaz of the same name. It is held by the Emirate of Sathrati. The capital of the territory is the City of Zy-Rodun


The island of Zy-Rodun is geographically one of the So-Saran islands. Most coastline is rocky and cliffy, except for the shoreline to the north-west which is sandy. Around the island, tides differ on average 5 metres between ebb and flow.

Zy-Rodun is rocky and hilly. There is a marked lack of any larger swaths of flat land, except for the north-western beach.


Historically associated with the So-Saran Islands, Zy-Rodun was a noted trading centre until its decline in the mid-15th century. Largely left to deal with its own affairs, the island feudalism evolved under its own circumstances. This lead to a harsh feudal order that remains on the island. Serfs constitute around half of the population and their movement is severely restricted.

Following the dissolution of Yardistan as an imperial state under Kaiser Redquill, informal promises had been made to the ruling family there that they would be reimbursed for their loss of power and territory. In 1620, Kaiseress Isa IV Cassandrae created out of the island the Marquessate and Dominion of Zy-Rodun, and gave it as fief to the Shirerithian heir of the Safir Ashura family, Prince Daniel Ashura. Daniel, as Marquess, began codifying the already existing structures of the island, and adapted them to the new rule, with a Constitution (still in force). Disputes between Daniel and the Imperial Government led to Daniel's emigration. Legal advice to the Kaisership was then given that despite Daniel's loss of residency and repudiation of his citizenship in Shireroth, the island fief would still be vested in him.

In 1631, negotiations between the Emirate of Sathrati and the Imperial Republic lef to a breakthrough. Instead of seeing the kaisership in Shireroth as pretenders to the Shirerithian throne, from now on would the Emirate of Sathrati see it as the rightful ruler of Shireroth. In the agreement, the Emirate promised to return to Shireroth the Sword of Vengeance (which had been in the Emirate’s possession since its formation in 1541. The Kaiser promised in return to reimburse the Emirate for the loss of its most important possession, and in so doing, Zy-Rodun was offered the Emirate for it to hold in perpetuity.

List of Marquesses