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Flag Zy-Rodun.png

Arms Zy-Rodun2.png

Motto: Zełe au ka rinei àvàvi
(Classical Āirumāli: "In [untranslatable] but [illegible]")
Feudal Status: Imperial Dominion
Capital: Zy-Rodun Town
Largest Cities: Zy-Rodun Town

Local Leadership Title: Marquess
Local Government: Absolute monarchy
Current leader: Kaiser Ayreon IV

Local language: Roduna
Local Religion: Zurvanism
Sevenfold Path
Elven Naturalism
A view of the island of Zy-Rodun.
The Isle of Zy-Rodun is renowed for the majesty of its rocky coasts.
A view of the outskirts of the Town of Zy-Rodun.
The Dar ul-Arsalan, the seat of the Marchioness of Zy-Rodun.

The Marquessate and Dominion of Zy-Rodun, also known as Chel Modan, is an Imperial Dominion the Imperial Republic of Shireroth consisting of the island situated in the Gulf of Khaz of the same name. It is held by the Emirate of Sathrati. The capital of the territory is the Town of Zy-Rodun.


Zy-Rodun might in a way be described as a Shirerithian Amish island. Previous feudal lords over the island have restricted the use of machinery and electricity on the island. Farming is hard, and many people die prematurely due to worn out bodies. The feudalism on the island restricts the movement of people, and the movement of technology.

Manor lords are usually allowed electricity, but electricity itself is scarce. The island bans petroleum and other fossil fuels, and there are no general streams on the island to generate electricity and the two small rivers on the island are nearly inaccessible. The roofs of the manors are therefore often clad in solar panels. It is not often enough for the household, as storms and heavy winds reduce the sunlight.

As such, life on the island is hard, but not so very hard for the manor lords and their families. The manor people have not only the freedom to leave the island, but also the means. Yet, they stay, and fight for their class. For societal control and harmony, they support the electricity restrictions, as long as they are given certain exceptions that serfs could only dream of.


The island of Zy-Rodun is geographically one of the So-Saran islands. It is surrounded by clear sparkling azure waters teeming with coral nurseries which are ideal for snorkeling and scuba diving. Most of the island's coastline is rocky and cliffy, except for the shoreline to the north-west which is sandy. Around the island, tides differ on average 5 metres between ebb and flow. Safe anchorage is only to be found at a few sites on the island's coast.

Zy-Rodun is rocky and hilly as well as lush and tropical. There is a marked lack of any larger swaths of flat land, except for its stunning north-western white-sand beach.


The island's economy is presently completely based on agriculture, and services and industry associated with agriculture. Seneschal Noah, however, has announced a rigous economic, legal and social reform programme with, among others, the electrification of Zy-Rodun - with power provided by offshore wind farms situated in Zy-Rodun's Exclusive Economic Zone - and the abolition of several restrictions of serfs, to turn Zy-Rodun into a trade centre, as it was in the days of yore, as well as an exclusive holiday and party island for the movers and shakers of Shireroth.

Serfs also make a tidy income from hunting down and recapturing deserters from the Imperial Army training camps located on the island.


Historically associated with the So-Saran Islands, Zy-Rodun was a noted trading centre until its decline in the mid-15th century. Largely left to deal with its own affairs, the island feudalism evolved under its own circumstances. This lead to a harsh feudal order that remains on the island. Serfs constitute around half of the population and their movement is severely restricted.

Following the dissolution of Yardistan as an Imperial State under Kaiser Redquill, informal promises had been made to the ruling family there that they would be reimbursed for their loss of power and territory. In 1620, Kaiseress Isa IV Cassandrae created out of the island an Imperial Dominion called the Marquessate and Dominion of Zy-Rodun, and gave it as fief to the Shirerithian heir of the safir House of Ašura, Prince Daniel. Daniel, as Marquess, began codifying the already existing structures of the island, and adapted them to the new rule, with a Constitution (still in force). Disputes between Daniel and the Imperial Government led to Daniel's emigration. Legal advice to the Kaisership was then given that despite Daniel's loss of residency and repudiation of his citizenship in Shireroth, the island fief would still be vested in him.

In 1631, negotiations between the Emirate of Sathrati and the Imperial Republic led to a breakthrough. Instead of seeing the kaisership in Shireroth as pretenders to the Golden Mango Throne, from now on would the Emirate of Sathrati see it as the rightful ruler of Shireroth. In the agreement, the Emirate promised to return to Shireroth the Sword of Vengeance which had been in the Emirate's possession since its formation in 1541. The Kaiser promised in return to reimburse the Emirate for the loss of its most important possession, and in so doing, Zy-Rodun was offered the Emirate for it to hold in perpetuity.

The island has, since the 1630's, served as the main processing and basic training center for new conscripts into the Imperial Army. These unfortunate souls, mostly captured in Goldshire, Mishalan (until its occupation by Elwynn in 1650) and Shirekeep, are brought down the river Elwynn, chained in batches, aboard open barges before being transferred onto chartered cargo vessels off-shore from Musica. The conscripts that survive the voyage from Musica are thrown ashore at the first high-tide and those who manage to successfully wade through the notorious surf and rip-tides will be inducted formally into the Imperial Army register and begin the punishing process of indoctrination, physical and mental hardening and training.


Zy-Rodun is governed by a corporation sole entitled Corporation of the Marchioness of Zy-Rodun, or Corporation of the Marquess of Zy-Rodun in the event that the occupant of the corporation sole is male. The aforesaid corporation sole is commonly known as Marchioness of Zy-Rodun or Marquess of Zy-Rodun and possesses, within the confines of being an Imperial Dominion the Imperial Republic of Shireroth, the ultimate power of governance over the island.

In the event that the Marchioness of Zy-Rodun is not in residence, the ultimate power of governance over Zy-Rodun lies with a corporation sole entitled Corporation of the Seneschal of the march. The occupant of the aforesaid corporation sole is appointed by the Marchioness.

The island is feudal in a classic Shirerithian sense. Below the Marquess there are the Township Lords. The Township Lords in their turn hold power over the Lords of Manor, who in their turn hold power over serfs. The Lords of Manor own their land, and all persons living there must obey the commands of the Lords of Manor. The Township Lord owns the decisions on intra-manor trade and exchange, and any contract between manors must receive the appropriate township lord's (or lords') approval.

Serfs are legally free, but may not reside in any other land than their master's, without that master's consent, and the consent of the master of the other land, and from all appropriate township lords'. Serfs pay their rent (for being allowed to live on the land) through work and the fruits of their labour, and may not leave their land without consent from the appropriate lordships.

Each lord sits as judge for offences under the law. The lord judges only the persons below him. The serf is judged by the manor lord, the manor lord by the township lord, the township lord by the Marchioness.

Rulers of Zy-Rodun

List of Marquesses

List of Seneschals


Zy-Rodun's population is small, around 250 000 registered inhabitants, most of whom are rather poor.

Imperial Law Concerning Zy-Rodun