Union Defence Force

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Union Defence Force
Elwynn Flag2.png
Active: 1508–1613 & 1629–
Motto Pax in Bello
In use by: Imperial Forces
Allegiance: Elwynn

Type: Defence Force
  • Statutory Peacetime Manpower Limit: 2,791,966 men or women at arms
  • Active Strength: 919,892 personnel
Nickname: None yet

Current Commander: Commander-in-Chief King Noah

Under the Martial Code of Shireroth, the Union Defence Force (UDF) exists to defend the territorial integrity of the Elwynnese Union as an Imperial State within the Imperial Republic of Shireroth. It has been through various incarnations but traces its ancestry back to the feudal militias raised by Elwynn to fight in the War of Vengeance and the Elwynnbrigaden which fought in the War of Jeremy's Nose and the Kai phmyarkaiph before being re-established as the Elwwehr in the wake of the White Lily Revolt. The UDF expanded dramatically in size during the era of Elwynnese independence and emerged as a political power broker in the tumultuous years prior to the establishment of the Coordinated State was abolished after the Communist Revolution of 1613 and replaced by various ad hoc revolutionary groups and a People's Militia. Following the Kalirion Restoration the