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United Counties of Riponia
Official language: English
Capital: Ripon
Largest Cities: Ripon
Date founded: Late 2003

Number of citizens: 42
Number of active citizens: 15

Independence: {{{independence}}}
Government: Democracy
Current leader: Christian Mackintosh
Currency: Riponian Supra

Demonym: Riponian
National animal: Unknown
National fruit/food: Unknown
National drink: Unknown
Nation's Total GDP: Unknown

This nation is a member of both the MCS and the GSO map.

The United Counties of Riponia, known in short as Riponia, is an entirely democratic micronation first dreamed up around December 2003. Riponia is an Anglophone Sector micronation.



The UCR was first founded in late 2003 by Christian Mackintosh, a Yorkshire born micronationalist who didn't know the hobby existed until August 2005. The UCR was founded on the principles of freedom and equality for all (known as the noble virtues)


The Constitution of the UCR provides for an elected House of Parliament, made up of MRPs, to run the nation. In theory, local matters could eventually be cared for by a system of local government, but this is not likely to be implemented. All citizens of the UCR have the right to debate proposed laws but only MRPs may vote to approve a law.

The Elder Council Formation Act, 2005 created the Elder Council of the UCR, whose primary responsibility is to keep check on the actions of the Government, including their constitutionality.

The citizens of the United Counties of Riponia believe in four 'Noble Virtues' to which they strive to abide. These are:-

- Freedom - Equality - Peace - Progression

The Constitution of the UCR and subsequent pieces of legislation were all written to guarantee these Virtues.

The Law Courts

The legislation of the United Counties of Riponia provides for Justice to be administered through the Law Courts. Rather than the traditional twelve-man jury, Riponian courts utilise small boards of judges who preside over and decide the outcome of each case. This system is far more practical than using a jury for a micronation.

Current Judges in the UCR are (known as) Bumsoft and jonnysprout

Direction of the State

Originally, Riponia aimed to keep it's business and actions firmly rooted in the real world. To this end, it did not become a member of the MCS until early 2006, when, after a plebiscite, it applied for (and was granted) approximately half of the continent of Lesser Eura. Riponia's technology level is similar to that of any developed nation in the real world.

Riponia's real-life military force is made up purely of a few shotguns, air rifles, an air pistol, some sharp sticks, and a sailing dinghy. The Prime Minister does lay claim to some Russian Tanks and Artillery, but can't find a way to get them over the border.

Riponia is currently in the process of assembling it's "recwar" military. The distribution of the armed forces is an ongoing discussion in Riponia.

Intermicronational Relations

Riponia began as a micronation in isolation, with the wider micronational community completely unknown to the founder. The months since Riponia's introduction to the micronational community have seen Riponia interact more widely with other English-language micronations (the "Anglophone Sector").

In August 2005, the UCR was a party to the Treaty of BBC, which is a treaty with the micronation founded on BBC TV in the United Kingdom by King Danny Wallace, which at present boasts approximately 50,000 citizens (defined as anyone who passed through the citizenship process on Lovely's website).

Subsequently, the UCR has entered into relations with with the Republic of Antica; the Principality of Sullifree; the Republic of Talamthom; the Sovereign Natopian Empire; Utòpia; the Zatriarchate of Matbaa; The Aerican Empire, The Confederate Rianates of Lemuria and the Grand Commonwealth.

Riponia was also a founding member of the micronational Non-Aligned Movement.

Further Information

The first point of contact for Riponia is, and the forums can be reached from there for a complete picture of the community. The national newspaper of the United Counties of Riponia is the Riponian Reporter[1]

Prime Minister Christian Mackintosh can often be found on

Citizenship is available to applicants on the Forums.