Line of Mortis

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Line of Mortis

Mors I - Viviantia I - Mors II - Mors III
Mors IV - Mors V - Mors VI
Anandja II - B'caw I
Ometeotl I - Ometeotl II
Shyriath I
Progenitor: Mortis Raynor M'Jilliad

Line: Mortis
Progenator: Mortis Raynor M'Jilliad
Established: ~b2305

Bio: This line is one of the eldest Imperial Bloodlines, established by the youngest son of Raynor I, but none of its members claimed the throne until Mors I in 968. The heirs of this line wield the legendary Sword of Mortis, forged by the line's progenitor in b2323. The Sword of Mortis has never left the bloodline.
By about 1771 most members of the Line of Mortis had migrated to the Isle of County of Benacia, where they took up a number of elements of the local culture, including a ceremonial use of the Benacian language.
In 1978 the first Mortis Kaiser of this tradition came to the throne as Kaiser Mors IV, who began the tradition of Kaiserial epithets, naming himself Nerrolar, the Arbiter.
Ever since the Mortis settled on the isle of Benacia the Count has traditionally been from the Mortis family line.
The Mortis Line has the recent accolade of holding the Golden Mango Throne as Kaiser or Steward at the opening of both the Fifth and the Sixth Eras.