Jalal Jahanbani

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Jalal Jahanbani (b. 1640), known 1664–1672 as Jalal Esposito, was born into a rich aristocratic family of lawyers and architects, Jahanbani’s life was marked with his mother’s, Talra Megadaezj, early death in 1648. His father, Ashraf, was hard upon the young Jalal, forcing him to study more and more, and brought early him to university in Ardashirshahr, where he graduated with a mid-grade degree with law in 1657. Meeting Lady Dragonmoor during his studies, the two began an affair, and she officially designated him her personal secretary and lawyer. Their relationship continued until her death in 1661, whereupon the Jahanbani took up employment as head of the lawyers of the Dragonmoor Foundation. He also inherited half of Dragonmoor's human chattel estate. In 1662, he left the Foundation and became personal secretary to the Kaiser. It had been noted that the Kaiser had found a liking in Jahanbani and enquired of his suitability for employment in the Imperial Court.

In 1663, Jalal was appointed Minister of the Exterior. During his ministry, he oversaw the Batavian negotiations and the full occupation of Benacia by Benacian states. In mid 1664, however, he announced as Minister that he would restore relations with Stormark, that the Auspicious Occasion was unlawful and that reparations ought to be made to the former king Noah. He was immediately arrested and removed from the nobility with caste shame (hence the surname Esposito). A subsequent investigation showed that Jalal had offered his sexual services to the Kaiser, and discussed matters of Froyalan, Stormark and the House of Ettlingar Freyu with the Kaiser. Jalal was subsequently arrested by the Shirekeep City Guard after leaving the Landsraad. Prefect Titus Morvayne published an explanatory memorandum connecting Jalal with a Vanic insurgent organisation, the Vanic Web.

Jalal Esposito is currently (as of XIV.1664) undergoing treatment in Raikoth so that his soul may be restored to harmony. Released on the orders of the UDF on 20.XIII.1672 with his surname Jahanbani restored.

He is a third cousin, once removed, with Kaiser Ayreon IV.