Imperial Household

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Imperial Household Agency
Jurisdiction: Shireroth
Headquarters: Shirekeep

Commissioner: Soraya of Octavius-Parini
Chamberlain of the Imperial Household

Functions: Management of the Imperial Estates
Subordinate Agencies: Chamber of the Crypteia
Tower of Bureaucratic Despair

The Imperial Household Agency (IHA) is a ministry of the Imperial Republic, charged with the organization and administration of the Imperial Court and Estates. Following Kaiser Ayreon IV's ascension to the throne, the IHA is responsible for the education and rearing of the kaiser until his age of majority.


  • Imperial Household Agency
    • Chamberlain of the Imperial Household
      • Office of the Chamberlain
        • Office of Standards and Etiquette
        • Office of Works
        • Office of Grounds
        • Office of Cuisine
        • Office of Transportation
      • Palatial Managers (5)
        • Manager of the Outer Keep
        • Manager of the Inner Keep
        • Manager of the Palace of Anandja I
        • Manager of the Palace of Raynor XII
        • Manager of Montran
      • Master of Pages
        • Outer Dormitory
        • Yellow Hall
        • White Hall
        • Green Hall
        • Black Hall
        • Red Hall
      • Master of Endowments
        • Imperial Endowments (x)
      • Dean of the Dirâsat-an-Nûr
    • Chamber of Petitions and Pleas
    • Chamber of the Crypteia
      • Department 1 (Signals and Administration)
      • Department 2 (Conflict Resolution)
      • Department 3 (Intransigent Cases)
      • Department 4 (Information Collection - Military)
      • Department 5 (Information Collection - Civil Service)
      • Department 6 (Information Collection - Industrialists)
      • Department 7 (Information Collection - Internal)
      • Department 8 (Information Collection - Low Value Persons)
      • Department 9 (Esoteric Concerns)
    • Court Historian and Notary of Raynor's Keep

List of Chamberlains

Lady Nostalgia, Countess of Amarr 1645–1647
Lord Zakyyr Moonoak 1647
Lady Altea Lomax 1647–1648
Prince Hallbjörn Haraldsson 1648–1649
Empress Li Naomiai 1649–1650
Pentheros Aldin Ayreon-Kalirion 1650–1651
Lady Soraya Octavius-Parini 1651–1654
Pleroma Solutions (in commission) 1654–1657
Lady Soraya Octavius-Parini 1657–