Elu Verion

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Elu Verion
Full Name: Elu Verion
Alias Father


Physical Description
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Race: Elfinshi
Hair Color and Style: Brown, Long
Eye Color: Blue
Skin Color: White
Other: Born immortal

Biographical Information
Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown
Date of Birth: Around 500 AN
Place of Birth: Phoenix Forest
Date of Death: 1440 AN
Place of Death: Azhara, Illumination
Current Residence(s): Cremated, Ashes entombed outside Verion Hall, Blackstone
Nationality at Birth: Shirerithian
Current Allegiance(s): Elfinshi People
Occupation: Leader of the Elfinshi, General
House of Verion

Kaisers: Verion I, Dominus, Verion II
Steward: Jacob Darylion-Verion
Princess of Elwynn:Eki Verion
Lord of Blackstone: Ludovic
Rulers of Illumination and Cimmeria: Jack, Jacob, Alix, Eki
Progenitor: Elu Verion
Head: Ludovic Alixion-Verion

Elu Verion was the founder and head of the House of Verion, as well as an Elfinshi leader and general. He was allegedly born around 500 AN in the Elfinshi Forest and lived for almost a thousand years before his self-chosen death in 1440.

There is some debate amongst scholars about whether the Elu Verion was the title, whether earned or inherited, amongst the Elfinshi accorded to their foremost war-leader in the struggles against the Cimmerians and latterly against the Shirerithians.

The attestation that the House of Verion descends from the last of these Elu Verion is generally accepted by historians.

The ashes of Elu are buried underneath a bronze statue of the Patriarch outside Verion Hall, on the isle of Blackstone. The main sports stadium of the island, the Elu Verion Arena, was named in honour of Elu.